APRU Invited Speaker Series 2018-19

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We usually hold seminars on Tuesdays at 6.10pm in the Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre (IGLT) in the Whitehead Building, although this is not always the case. Please see the event listing for specific events for details. Be sure to check out our maps and directions to find the campus. All talks are open to staff, students and members of the public. Attendance is free and there is no need to book in advance. 

For further information, contact Chris French email: c.french (@gold.ac.uk).

NB: You are strongly recommended to register (at no cost) with the APRU’s “Psychology of the Paranormal” email list to ensure that you are informed of any future changes to the programme as well as news of related events. You can also follow @chriscfrench on Twitter for announcements (including news of last-minute cancellations, changes of venue, etc.).

* = Event jointly hosted with Goldsmiths’ Forensic Psychology Unit


Autumn Term (2018)

9 Oct               Jonathan Jarry

McGill Office for Science and Society

How to separate sense from nonsense when our health is on the line?


23 Oct             Dr Afroditi Pina*

University of Kent

The psychology of Image Based Sexual Abuse (a.k.a. Revenge Porn)

(This will be held in Professor Stuart Hall Building, lecture theatre LG01)


**Change of date and venue**

13 Nov              Britt Hermes

Writer, scientist, and former naturopathic doctor

The bloody work of “naturopathic doctors”

(This will be held in Richard Hoggart Building, room 342)


20 Nov            Professor Owen Davies

University of Hertfordshire

Title: Spirits on the First World War battlefields: Explorations in religion, psychical research, and popular belief


27 Nov             Professor Laura Mickes*

Royal Holloway, University of London

How to increase the value of eyewitness evidence


4 Dec               Dr Julian Baggini

Philosopher and writer

How the world thinks


11 Dec             Emma McClure*


Risky business: Why the Parole Board releases bad people

(This will be held in Professor Stuart Hall Building, lecture theatre LG01)


Spring Term (2019)


15 Jan             Gary Pankhurst*

Newcastle University

Justice delayed or justice denied? Investigating non-recent sexual allegations


 29 Jan            Pamela Radcliffe*


Pseudoscience, public health and the justice system


 5 Feb              Jo Kenrick*

Forensic Psychology Unit, Goldsmiths

Torture - Does it work and can it ever be justified?


26 Feb             Professor Mark Blagrove

University of Swansea

Dreaming and memory consolidation

N.B.: This talk will be preceded by an experiential dream workshop – open to all, no need to book. Details at https://www.gold.ac.uk/calendar/?id=11827


5 Mar              Dr Ciaran O’Keeffe

Buckinghamshire New University

"I see what the killer sees”: An examination of Psychic Criminology


12 Mar            Professor Michael Banissy


Tasting words, seeing music, and feeling the pain of others: What can synaesthesia tell us about the human mind?


 26 Mar           Dr Josie Malinowski

University of East London

Lucid dreaming