Hannah Martin


Film stills from ‘Glyphosate Experiments’. These plants, such as coffee, lime, and the fruit lulo, were filmed two hours after applying glyphosate to a single leaf. Hardier plants took longer to display the effects of the herbicide, while soft-stem, herbaceous plants started to wilt almost immediately.

Outlawed Earth

My PhD research investigates the systematic and legally sanctioned eradication of the coca plant in Colombia, which is paradigmatic of the ways in which legal reclassifications produce new objects of contestation and new forms of violence. The project examines the transformations that have outlawed nonhuman life as well as the human societies and cultures that intersect these life-worlds. A focal point of the research examines the threshold space where the farm meets the forest, a blurred-boundary crucial for cultural and political struggle. The project documents resistance movements that use this mode of agriculture as their mode of political struggle, and in doing so, place the right to cultivate at the core of their political demands. Chase-AHRC Studentship.

Member of Roundtable Three