Academic Language and Literacies Courses


CALL: Academic Language and Literacies Courses 2020/21

We offer free Academic Language Development and Academic Literacies Courses/Workshops to students at Goldsmiths.

Academic Language Development

Weekly, subject-specific classes for EAL – English as an additional language students (international students). Classes focus on developing the academic skills needed for their specific degree programme, particularly written assignments.

These vary from year to year, but will include:

  • BA Fine Art
  • BA Art History
  • BA Arts Management
  • BA Media and Communications
  • BA Social Work
  • MA Luxury Brands Management
  • PG Theatre and Performance
  • MA Brands and Promotional Media
  • MA Visual Cultures
  • MA Design Expanded Practice
  • PG Media and Communications Theory
  • PG Media and Communications Practice

Academic Literacies Courses:

  • UG Intensive Writing Course (2-day intensive writing course for all EU and International undergraduate students. This course takes place after the Autumn term has finished and gives students the skills to manage their holiday assignments)
  • Academic Writing Course (5-week academic writing course for all students. The focus is on understanding essays and developing essay research and writing skills. Runs twice in the Autumn term)
  • PG Dissertation Research Methods Course (8-week course for all postgraduate students.   The focus is on developing research skills for MA dissertations. Runs in the Summer term)
  • PG Dissertation Writing Course (8-week course for all postgraduate students. The focus is on structuring and writing MA dissertations. Runs in the Summer term)
  • MPhil/PhD Academic Writing (regular writing classes - three per term, for EU and International MPhil/PhD students. The focus is on the specific writing issues facing research students)
  • Decolonising Research Methods. (10-week course for all students. The focus is on deconstructing the colonial foundations of Western academic research and developing decolonising perspectives and approaches. Runs in the Autumn and Spring terms)
  • Entrepreneurial Modelling Business Plan Writing (5-week course for all students taking this popular interdisciplinary module. Runs in Spring term)

Embedded Academic Literacies Workshops:

Academic Literacies workshops (for all students arranged with programme and module convenors and embedded into degree programmes. The focus is on developing academic literacies, particularly essay researching and writing skills, but including other areas e.g. preparing academic presentations for symposium)

These vary from year to year, but will include:

  • Integrated Degree in Media & Communications (including Foundation Year)
  • LLB Law
  • BA Fine Art
  • BA Arts Management
  • BA Visual Cultures
  • BA Sociology
  • BA Promotional Media
  • BA Economics/BA Economics with Marketing/BSc Economics with Econometrics
  • BSc Marketing
  • BSc Management with Marketing/BSc Management with Economics/BSc Management with Entrepreneurship 
  • MA Filmmaking
  • PG Visual Cultures
  • MA Sociology
  • MSc Computing
  • PGCE Education
  • MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy
  • MA Events and Experience Management
  • MA Social Entrepreneurship
  • MA Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship
  • MA Tourism and Cultural Policy
  • MA Cultural Policy, Relations and Diplomacy
  • MPhil/PhD Students (Graduate School)

Contact CALL for details of courses available in the Spring Term 2021.