About the Centre for Caribbean and Diaspora studies

We promote collaborative work within Caribbean and Diaspora Studies and specialise in the study of Caribbean and diasporic literatures.

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The Centre for Caribbean and Studes (CDDS) is a leading international Resource and Research Centre for the study, promotion and dissemination of Caribbean and Diaspora culture.

We continue to develop, with a range of contemporary practitioners including writers, performers, oral historians, and technologists, the representation and promotion of Caribbean cultural knowledge and heritage in the UK, and internationally.

We do this through an exploration of historical and contemporary cultural practices throughout the globe. We inspire and provoke critical discussion to promote the Centre’s aims.


  • Are uniquely positioned as the only Caribbean-led Research Centre within a University environment with a unique focus on the local community and the academic
  • Have a strong record of involvement locally within the borough
  • Are highly regarded by its peers as evidenced by the research community
  • Have  a 40-year history that builds on strong foundations from the 1980s, staff knowledge and expertise at the highest level
  • Have events that boast an emergent publishing programme focused on the local and global
  • Have a committed number of experienced volunteers
  • Have strong professional and personal relationships with stakeholders and other organisations at a national and international level