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Antwé, Bélantre, Wha' appen

The initial concept behind the development of this site is to create an on-line resource for Caribbean Creole language learners.

There are 29 countries in the Caribbean which have, in addition to their official language, one or more Creole languages that are used as part of everyday life. Ultimately I would like this site to become a 'one stop' shop for information relating to the Creole Languages of the Caribbean.

Creoles: 'a creole has a jargon or a pidgin in its ancestry, it is spoken natively by an entire speech community, often one whose ancestors were displaced geographically so that their ties with the original language and sociocultural identity were partly broken.' (Holm 2000: 6)

If you have any riddles, proverbs or folktales that you would like to see on this site please email: m.edwin@gold.ac.uk