About the Centre for Community Engagement Research

Conducting research that addresses pressing societal issues and generates knowledge that informs policy, theory and practice.

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This is an interdisciplinary Centre, facilitating collaborations between distinct disciplinary areas like community and youth studies, therapeutic studies, counselling, social work and social policy, thanatology, religious studies, educational studies, and sociology.

The primary objectives of the Centre are:

  • Facilitate collaborations – internally and externally
  • Generate income that supports research and knowledge exchange towards its areas of concern
  • Facilitate an integrated research environment that invites both staff and PGR students
  • Innovate creative methodologies in research
  • Celebrate hopeful research that has positive impact

The Centre’s work focuses on the following key areas, and those are explored on varied levels, including individual, organisational, societal, or international and global:

  • Social change
  • Civic wellbeing
  • Community and youth engagement
  • Social and humanitarian crises
  • Local and global challenges
  • Hopeful research
  • Lived experience
  • Social justice and equity

For more information or to enquire about future opportunities, contact the STaCs department.