What we do


Our aims

The centre aims to complement and collaborate with existing community research and engagement activities across Goldmsiths and the surrounding communities. It adds distinctive value by starting at the grassroots, using participatory approaches in community settings to understand and proactively respond to research needs. It will in this sense actively generate research initiatives and collaborations.

The centre also makes the connections with national and international agenda by nurturing existing links with the National Centre for Public Engagement, the Global Alliance on Community-Engaged Research and international collaborators, for example, the TATA Institute for Social Sciences, Mumbai, India.

Our key activities

The centre will develop and support community-university research collaborations in a number of key areas by:

  1. Shaping and engaging in partnerships for external research funding to address identified needs in the community and voluntary and community organisations.
  2. Improving the learning experience and employability of students by matching both research dissertations and projects to community needs.
  3. Providing knowledge and skills exchange between the College and community partners and networking opportunities at Goldsmiths and in community venues.
  4. Promoting and supporting wider community research and engagement activities across Goldsmiths, in partnership with participating centres.
  5. Hosting topical seminars, conferences, talks, and workshops.
  6. Producing co-authored publications, reports and other outputs.

The centre’s activities are supported by a steering group comprised of Goldsmiths’ academic staff, other academic and research experts, and participants from voluntary and community sector organisations and groups, policy makers, trade unions, Goldsmiths students’ union, and faith based groups.