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Current and archived projects undertaken in the community.

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Current Projects

Migration Museums

Evaluating the Migration Museums' People's Panel and Network and Co-creating the Migration Museum Values and Toolkit for community engagement.

This Catalyst Award funded research project seeks to support embedding community engagement as central to the Migration Museum.

The People’s Panel and Network have been established as a project to choose the values and guidelines that drive exhibitions, activities, and events at the Museum, both in Lewisham and beyond.

Understanding and Facilitating Policy Change and Practice Implications for Child Protection Social Work with Affluent Backgrounds

This project will take earlier research forward by engaging policy makers and safeguarding leads in children services in dialogue about the implications for home and school environments. This will be specifically focused on understanding what policy spaces exist and/or can be opened up, and what processes are involved.


Since 2014 CCER has been collaborating with Pepys Community Forum in Deptford (south east London) in supporting local residents and community organisations to develop a voice concerning a major riverside housing and commercial development in their locality at Convoys Wharf. Using an ethnographic approach to the research, we are adapting and using a variety of methods appropriate to accumulating local knowledge and understanding the context.

Natural Disasters and Community Relief

The last fifty years have seen an increase in the frequency of disasters, and this number is set to rise (United Nations, 2022). As a result, the field of disaster studies is expanding internationally. There is evolving literature looking at how communities respond to the challenges of working toward recovery following a catastrophic event.