About the Centre for Sound, Technology & Culture

CSTC is centre set up to explore the technological and cultural aspects of sound. It is concerned with research and particularly practice as research, performance and discussion.

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Sound is by nature an interdisciplinary topic of research, benefiting from the range of methodological approaches. We consider sound as media and as material – as physical phenomenon, social vector, or source of musical affect.

The centre maps the diversity of thinking across the sonic landscape, from sound studies to musical performance, from sound art to the sociology of music, from historical soundscapes to digital musicology.

CSTC draws on and consolidates a wide range of interests in sound in different departments, centres and units across the college. The Centre also enjoys a substantial network of working relationships with outside institutions and groups, both nationally and internationally.

Aims and objectives

  • Stimulate and facilitate research - consolidate networks on sonic subject areas
  • Initiate research discussions and collaborations - within Goldsmiths, and beyond, in the UK with Europe, and internationally
  • Support young researchers by seeking funding - for PhD students, internships, post doctoral fellows, and research networks
  • Stage public events - conferences, gigs, seminars and exhibitions to disseminate the research in the wild
  • Widen participation - engage in community involvement in and with local communities