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Based in the departments of Media, Communications & Cultural Studies and Computing, the CSTC also includes colleagues from Music, Sociology and Visual Cultures Departments.

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Image of Professor Julian Henriques

Professor Julian Henriques

Julian Henriques' background as a filmmaker has informed his research interests in the field of street technologies and cultures (particularly reggae dancehall sound systems) and in sound studies, as with Sound System Outernational research group, founded in 2015.

His commitment to practice-as-research methodologies is as a way of recognizing and giving value to subaltern knowledge systems, that are most often situated, embodied and tacit. His own work as a sound artist and filmmaker is also most valuable as his own practice-as-research.

His interest in sonic “ways-of-knowing” and non-discursive non-representational types of meaning led to the establishment of the TRU (Topology Research Unit) in 2011. This has particular interests and activities in the areas of diagrammatics, rhythm and auditory topology.

Image of Prof Atau Tanaka

Professor Atau Tanaka

Atau Tanaka conducts research in embodied musical interaction. This work takes place at the intersection of human computer interaction and gestural computer music performance.

He studies our encounters with sound, be they in music or in the everyday, as a form of phenomenological experience. This includes the use of physiological sensing technologies, notably muscle tension in the electromyogram signal, and machine learning analysis of this complex, organic data.

At the other extreme, he studies user experience through ethnographic methods of participatory design where activities of workshopping, scenario building, and structured brainstorming lead an understanding of a mediums affordances in bottom-up, emergent ways.