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A day-long programme of performance, presentations and discussion for PhD students, researchers and artists.

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Auditory Activism: Standards, Compression and Resistance

What’s Going On? – Marvin Gaye 

  • Can thinking through sounding tell us what’s yet to come?  
  • Does auditory compression have a socio-political counterpart? 
  • Where are the sonic borderlines? 
  • How does jazz help us understand why standardisation is not always bad? 
  • What potential for push back does sound offer that other modalities don’t? 
  • Is sounding intrinsically progressive? 
  • Is déjà entendua real thing? 
  • How might sounding help us think otherwise? 
  • Does streaming emasculate music? 
  • Is sonic warfare on the rise? 
  • Is rhythm being metricised? 
  • Are digital technologies embodied? 
  • What does dub history tell is? 
  • When is versioning original?  

Some references: Brandon Labelle, Jacques Attali, Robin James, Alexander Weheliye, Marie Thompson, Salome Voegelin…


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