About the CUCR


CUCR is a well established interdisciplinary research centre within Goldsmiths' Department of Sociology with a distinguished history of collaboration with local communities and activists.

It combines theoretical investigation with critical ‘local’ project implementation from Deptford to Jakarta.

From its inception in 1994 as the academic partner in Deptford City Challenge regeneration initiatives, CUCR maintains a commitment to social and spatial justice and an activist stance on contemporary urbanism. We work through local initiatives, real world urban issues and intellectual agendas, in locales that include Deptford, London, Beijing, Hong Kong, South Africa and Sao Paulo.

We are interested in London’s neighbourhoods, as well as those in cities worldwide. We see the areas around Goldsmiths as important urban laboratories, where we can train the next generation of young urbanists (students) and collaborate with local community groups in improving the area. We have a strong track record in partnering beyond the academy. We define urban research agendas nationally and internationally providing the first ethnographic studies of the super rich in London and Hong Kong. Our ethnographic and visually based methods or research have a strong reputation worldwide.  

Thematic groups

Our thematic groups express our intellectual orientation and engagement with broader publics.

  • Art, participatory research methods and urban governance
  • Visual urbanism
  • Materiality, building and urban dwelling
  • Migration and urban multiculture
  • Spatial justice, housing and regeneration
  • London – from Knightsbridge to Deptford
  • Urban biosphere

Our students & programmes

In addition to offering opportunities for learning about cities to all of our students, CUCR provides an intellectual hub for:

It enriches learning with urban walks, public lectures, seminars, exhibitions, events with our partners at the British Library and Tate Britain and opportunities to take part in research projects with far-reaching outcomes.