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  • Deptford.TV Deptford.TV Diaries II - Pirate Strategies. Mute, April 2008. ISBN: 1906496110. Contributions by Ben Gidley, Alison Rooke, Gesche Wuerfel, Adnan Hadzi, Brianne Selman. 


  • Tony Dowmunt, Mark Dunford, Nicole Van Hermert (editors) Inclusion Through Media. Mute, November 2007. ISBN 1906496005. Contributions by Ben Gidley and Imogen Slater.
  • Keith Kahn-Harris, Findings of a Mapping Study of Efforts to Combat Anti-Semitism, Racism and Xenophobia at the Local, Communal and Grassroots Level in Europe. May 2007.
  • Keith Kahn-Harris, Directory of European Activist Organisations and Initiatives (to accompany the above report). May 2007.



  • Michael Stone, Social Housing in the UK and US: Evolution, Issues and Progress


  • Flemming Rogilds, translated by Stephen Dobson, Charlie Nielsen's Journey: Wandering Through Multi-Cultural Landscapes ISBN 1-904158-65-X, £5.00



Active Learning Report (PDF download) - Evaluation Co-ordinator (2004-2006) 

•ANAN COLLYMORE AND BEN GIDLEY, CUCR, Woolwich Riverside Glyndon Sure Start Programme Evaluation, Comparing White Families' Participation with Black and Minority Ethnic Families' Participation. Final Report Autumn 2004. ISBN 1-904158-55-2, £2.50

•CUCR, Involving Fathers: North Leyton Sure Start Local Evaluation 2004. Report Summary. ISBN 1-904158-56-0. £2.50. 

•CUCR, Involving Fathers: North Leyton Sure Start Local Evaluation 2004 Final Report, including Books for Fathers to Read to their Kids (PDF download), ISBN 1-904 158-57-9, £5.00

•Project and Literature Review on Fatherhood for North Leyton Sure Start Evaluation 2004. ISBN 1-904158-58-7, £5.00