Meet the members, researchers and academics involved in the Design Societies Research Unit.

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Unit Directors

Dr Sarah Pennington

Sarah’s primary research interests explore the implications and possibilities of feminist matters of care for design practice and design research and how these operate amongst other versions of ‘care’ enacted in design. As such, her interests include more-than-human care, speculative practice and the implications of feminist STS for practice-based design research, human-computer interaction (HCI) design, as well as inventive and creative methods.

Sarah has been involved in HCI research in design for over twenty years, where, from 2000 to 2015 she was a researcher with the Interaction Research Studio.

Professor Alex Wilkie

Alex’s work lies at the intersections of design, science and technology studies and empirical philosophy, variously engaging with human-computer interaction, more-than-human centered design, speculative practices, generalized aesthetics and constructivist thought.

This plays out through numerous projects and collaborations that engage and intervene in a range of substantive areas including climate change and energy, community engagement, the sociology of design practices, the sociology of expectations and futures, healthcare and interactive technologies, government policy, user studies as well as public engagement with science and technology.

Goldsmiths Members

External Members

Postgraduate Research Students

  • Andreu Belsunces Gonçalves
  • Tom Critchley
  • Nina Cutler
  • Sarah Kilkenny
  • Axel Meunier
  • Liliana Ovalle