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The archived news and events of the Electronic Music Studios at Goldsmiths College.


Lydia Kavina - theremin recital and demonstration

Friday 21 November 2003
4.30-6.00pm Recital Room (MB 167)

Lydia Kavina will be visiting Goldsmiths College Music Department to give a recital and demonstration of the theremin musical instrument. She began her study of the instrument with its inventor, Leon Theremin, who was a cousin of her maternal grandfather.

Lydia is one of the few professional thereminists in the world and is a teacher of the instrument. She is also a composer and has premiered her own works and those of others throughtout Russia, the USA, Europe and Asia.

Lydia Kavina's webpage 

Free admission. All welcome.

EMS Evening Concert featuring New Noise

Friday 14 November 2003
7.15pm Recital Room (MB 167)

Featuring ensemble-in-residence
New Noise
(Janey Miller, oboe, and Joby Burgess, percussion).


Andy Sheppard - Not a song, more like a strange episode
Stephen Hiscock - New work (world premiere)
Javier Alvarez - Temazcal
John Zorn - Bith Aneth
Simon Holt - Banshee
Lucian Berio - Sequenza VII
Howard Skempton - Random Girl
Iannis Xenakis - Rebonds B
Robert Keeley - Florentine Fanfares
Katharine Norman - Insomnia

Free admission.

Visiting speaker - Brandon LaBelle

Tuesday 11 November 2003
2-5pm Recital Room (MB 167)

Brandon LaBelle is a sound artist and writer from Los Angeles. Working in the field of sound- performance- and installation-art since 1992, LaBelle's work aims to draw attention to the dynamics of sound as it is found within spaces and objects, public events and interactions, language and the body. Through a performative interaction with objects, found-sound, and minimal electronics, the work draws attention to the quality and nature of what is already there through an emphasis on and displacement of listening and interaction, as a technological and architectural glitch. LaBelle's interest in site-specificity reflects a desire to consider the relationships and tensions between art and a broader social environment.

His work has been featured in "Bitstreams" at the Whitney Museum, in "Amplitude of Chance" at Kawasaki City Museum Japan, at the 9th International Symposium of Electronic Arts in Liverpool and Manchester, Sampling Rage Festival in Berlin, the ICA London, Experimental Intermedia in New York, the Arizona State University Museum, and as part of "Sound as Media" at ICC in Tokyo. He is also the co-editor of "Site of Sound: of Architecture and The Ear" and "Writing Aloud: The Sonics of Language", both published by Errant Bodies, and curator of the Beyond Music Series at Beyond Baroque Center, Los Angeles CA. His work has been released on the SELEKTION, Fringes Recordings, Ground Fault, and La Bruit Secret labels.

DAFX-03: 6th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects

8-11 September 2003
Queen Mary, University of London

Dr. Michael Young and Sebastian Lexer

FFT Analysis as a Creative Tool in Live Performance (PDF download)


EMS Evening Concert featuring New Noise

Wednesday 7 May 2003
7pm Recital Room (MB 167)

Featuring ensemble-in-residence New Noise (Janey Miller, oboe, and Joby Burgess, percussion).

Programme includes works for oboe, percussion and tape/electronics (stereo & 8-channel) by Cameron Sinclair, Aki Pasoulas, Jade Hamilton, Mark Henry, Nigel Osbourne and Louis Andriessen.

Free admission.

EMS Lunchtime Concert

Wednesday 7 May 2003
1pm Recital Room (MB 167)

Programme of pieces (stereo & 8-channel) by undergraduate & postgraduate students working in the EMS.

Free admission.

EMS Evening Concert featuring New Noise

Wednesday 26 March 2003
7pm Recital Room (MB 167)

Programme will feature student compositions written especially for ensemble-in-residence New Noise (Janey Miller, oboe, and Joby Burgess, percussion) by Alisdair Bevan, Jenny Crossthwaite, Richard Frost, Angus Reid and Ruth Ripoll.

Programme also includes stereo and 8-channel works by Mihalis Bourzoukis, Ben Casey, Li-Chuan Chong, Jade Hamilton, Konrad Kaczmarek, Katharine Norman, Aki Pasoulas, Ian Stonehouse, Graham Wakefield and Michael Young.

Free admission.

Visiting speaker - Ray Lee

Thursday 13 March 2003

2pm Recital Room (MB167)

Ray Lee will be here to talk about sound installation, the MIDI theremin (incl. a piece by Michael Young).

Visiting speaker - Michael Edwards

Thursday 27 February 2003
11.30am in the EMS, MB155

Michael Edwards will talk about his work in computer music (UK composer, PhD from Stanford, USA, now lecturing at Edinburgh University).

EMS Evening Concert

Wednesday 11 December 2002
7.30pm Recital Room (MB 167)

Programme includes stereo and 8-channel works by Li-Chuan Chong, Jade Hamilton, Chris Harper, Konrad Kaczmarek, Jacques Nazaire, Aki Pasoulas, Jonathan Wilson and John Wynne.

Nic Collins

Thursday 31 October 2002
2pm Recital Room (MB 167)

Composer & Performer Nic Collins Presents His Work

Nicolas Collins was born in New York City in 1954, and has been composing and performing since the early 1970s. He studied composition with Alvin Lucier at Wesleyan University and worked for several years with David Tudor. He was a pioneer in the use of microcomputers in live performance, and has made extensive use of "home-made" electronic circuitry, radio, found sound material, and transformed musical instruments. His recent work emphasizes spoken word, and combines idiosyncratic electronics with conventional acoustic instruments.

He has presented over 300 concerts and installations in the United States, Europe, and Japan as a solo artist, as a member of David Tudor's "Composers Inside Electronics," with his own ensembles, and in collaboration with The Barton Workshop, Tom Cora, Peter Cusack, The Downtown Ensemble, Shelley Hirsch, Impossible Music, Guy Klucevsek, Ron Kuivila, Christian Marclay, David Moss, Ben Neill, Jim O'Rourke, Robert Poss, Relache, Elliott Sharp, the Soldier String Quartet, John Zorn, and others. From 1992-1995 he was Visiting Artistic Director of Stichting STEIM (Amsterdam) and in 1996-1997 a DAAD composer-in-residence in Berlin. In September 1999, he joined the faculty of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Collins has long been active as a curator of concerts and sound installations. His most recent recordings are available on PlateLunch and Periplum.

Free Admission - All Welcome

Previous visiting speakers in the EMS have included: Frances White, Hildegard Westerkamp, Janek Schaeffer, Max Eastley, and Larry Austin.


Rob Voisey - 60 x 60 Project (2005)

Wednesday 16th November 2005

1pm Council Chamber

60 x 60 is a concert containing 60 compositions from 60 different composers, each composition is 60 seconds or less in duration. The 60 recorded pieces are performed in an hour long continuous concert. The performance is played in conjuction with a synchronized analog clock marking the passage of each minute. At the top of the minute begins a new composition from a different composer.

More information on 60 x 60


Emmanuelle Waeckerle
Programmed in MaxMSP and Jitter by Sebastian Lexer.

VINST is eagerly awaiting your touch at LSO Discovery Music Festival 2005.

LSO St Luke's Crypt cafe
2-10 July 2005
161 Old Street
London EC1V 9NG
(nearest tube is Old Street - take exit 7)

"VINST is a highly sensitive polyphonic vocal instrument that uses the body image of the artist as a kind of cyborg, displaying points of sonic sensitivity that can be triggered and played by the viewer. VINST responds to touch, mood and sensibility. VINST has a vocabulary of non-verbal sounds and a system of annotations."

Funded by Arts Council London and Surrey Institute of Art and Design.

More information about VINST

VINST also features in Making Things Better, a project by Jonathan Pierce part of EASTinternational 05 at Norwich Gallery 2nd July - 20th August. An exhibiton of over 100 digital projects by artists and artists and arts organisations from across the globe.

Congratualtions to MPhil/PhD student Thanos Chrysakis on his mention in the Palmarès du 32e Concours International de Musique et d’Art Sonore Electroacoustiques de Bourges - 4e catégorie: œuvre d'art sonore électroacoustique - for his piece Inscape 5.

Music for Disklavier

Wednesday 29 June 2005
7.30pm Drama Studio 1 (main building)

Experimental, interactive and generative works for Disklavier piano.

Programme of works

  • King M Meets Zaggers Uptown (2005) - Simon Zagorski-Thomas; disklavier piano with live electronics.
  • d'Ksonte (2005) - Iain Farnsworth; disklavier piano.
  • 5th Animus - Gavin Dixon; disklavier piano.
  • Study III - shifting focus - Sebastian Lexer (piano+). improvisation for piano+
  • Strung Out (July/August 1967) Philip Glass (b. 1937) - Mizuka Yamamoto (violin). Rick Campion (technical director).
  • of its self (2005) - Scott Hewitt; disklavier piano.
  • aur(or)a (2005) - Michael Young; solo instrument, disklavier & live electronics, Roger Redgate (violin).
  • so the light came (2004) - Ben Kamen; disklavier piano.
  • Swarm Music - Tim Blackwell; computer & disklavier piano.
  • Conlon Nancarrow (1912 – 1997): Player Piano Studies - #3a (1948), Study #12 (sometime between 1948 and 1960), Study #50 (c. 1991); disklavier piano.
  • Piano Piece for David Tudor #1 (October 1960) La Monte Young (b. 1935) - John Lely and Keith Potter (piano~)

Guest Lecture: Tristram Cary

Thursday 15 June 2005
6.00pm Room 155

Tristram Cary, 80 this year, holds a unique place in contemporary music. While serving as a wartime naval radar officer in 1945, he independently conceived the idea of electronic and tape music, and is thus a world pioneer in this field. Cary was founder (in 1967) of the electronic music studio at the Royal College of Music, and designer/builder of own electronic music facility, one of the longest established private studios in the world.

Beginning in Marylebone, it went to Earls Court, then Chelsea and eventually to Fressingfield, Suffolk. The equipment from this studio was brought to Australia, and most of it was incorporated into the expanding teaching studio at Adelaide University. Cary was also a founder Director of EMS (London) Ltd, and co-designer of the VCS3 (Putney) Synthesiser and other EMS products. His contribution to concert and entertainment musical repertoire in every genre from pure electronic music to instrumental solos and orchestral and choral works covers the entire second half of the 20th century, and is now moving actively into the 21st.

All welcome. Free admission.

EMS Evening Concert featuring New Noise

Thursday 5 May 2005
7.30pm Great Hall

Featuring ensemble-in-residence New Noise (Janey Miller, oboe, and Joby Burgess, percussion).

To be confirmed

Free admission.

Sounds from the Electronic Music Studios

Wednesday 2nd March 2005
7.30pm Great Hall

A selection of recent work, including pieces by Rob Ainsley, Marios Aristopoulos, Alex Beamont, Matt Byrt, Colette Crosbie, Mel Gough, Dimitris Macridis, Sarah Owen, Claire Singer, Marios Tsokkos.

All welcome. Free admission

Sonic Interactions

A two-day postgraduate conference on interactivity and sonic art

Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 February 2005

Key note presentations: Alejandro Vinão and Lawrence Casserley

  • Evening Concert, 7.30pm - Saturday 19th
  • Lunchtime Concert, 1.10pm - Sunday 20th
  • Interlace Concert, 4pm - Sunday 20th

Full Conference details

Talk by Anthony Moore

Thursday 20 January 2005
6.30pm Ian Gulland Theatre

Professor Anthony Moore is a sound artist, former Principal of the Academy of Arts and the Media and currently a manager of a Sound-LiveCoding project. He will discuss his recent composition "Turing 2" written for the WDR III in Cologne and produced in the Stockhausen Studios.

This talk is arranged in collaboration with the Centre for Cultural Studies.

Hugh Davies, 1943-2005

Hugh Davies, founder-director of the Electronic Music Studios (1968-86), died peacefully at North London Hospice on 1st January 2005. We reproduce here an obituary by Keith Potter, Head of the Music Department.

Hugh Davies obituary

Bill Fontana Talk: Sound as a sculptural medium

Tuesday 16 November, 6pm.

Main Building, Room 342

Bill Fontana will be doing a talk on "sound as a sculptural medium" at Goldsmiths College on the 16th November, 6pm. All are welcome!

More information on Bill Fontana's work


Saturday 26 June 2004

7pm Great Hall

  • FURT - Richard Barrett (electr) & Paul Obermeyer (electr)
  • John Tilbury (piano) & Sebastian Lexer (multi-laptop-network)
  • Phil Durrant & Mark Sanders
  • Ian Stonehouse (elec gtr) & Graham Wakefield (electr)

Sonic Subjects & Acoustic Objects

Thursday 27 May 2004
Small Hall/Cinema (MB185), Goldsmiths College; 10am - 5pm

A one day Goldsmiths College inter-departmental symposium for all those with a research, teaching or learning interest in sound.

Curated by:

  • John Drever (Music) j.drever (
  • Julian Henriques (Media & Communications) j.henriques (
  • Tom Rice (Anthropology) chayhunting9 (

Organised by the Screen School & the Electronic Music Studios.

Draft Programme

10.00 Welcome
Simon McVeigh

10.05 Setting the Tone
John Drever
Julian Henriques
Tom Rice

10.10 Fanfare
performed by Aki Fujimoto

10.15 Keynote Guest Speaker
Prof John M Hull (Living in sound)

11.00 Breath

11.15 Sonic Materials
Les Back (The Flip Side of Globalisation: Jazz in White Worlds)
Julian Henriques (Reggae Sound Systems)
Steve Cotterel (Conceptualising Sound among London’s Professional Musicians)

12.15 Sound in Body and Mind
Tom Rice (Sound Sickness)
Lisa Blackman (Voice-hearing and the Non-Listening Self;
The Science of Sound within Psychiatry
Warren Neidich (sampling, creativity and neuro aesthetics)

1.15 Lunch – Greyworld Installation (The Layer) presented by Andrew Shobar

2.00 Cinesonic
Rachel Moore (Hallelujah! Sound on Film)
Andy Birtwhistle (Insects, urine and flatulence: motifs of control and turbulence on warner brothers cartoon soundtracks)
Bernard Walsh (A Stitch in Time)

3.00-3.15 Performance/ Presentation
Susan Taylor (Double-Talk, Self-Parody and Repetition in Speech and Voice)

3.15 Sound, sense and place
John Wynne (Hearing Voices - Sound art practice in a cross-cultural context: sonic portraits from Kenya and Botswana)
John Bailey (Afghan Perceptions of Birdsong)
John Drever (Topophonophilia – studies in the relationship between sound, sentiment and place)

4.15 Breath

4.15 Musicking
Li-Chuan Chong (Subjects, Objects and Phrase-formation in Musical Composition)
Rob Stone (Dust)
Kudjo Eshun (tba)
Tim Blackwell & Michael Young (Self-Organised Music)

5.30 Plenary

5.45 Reception and performance/ interactive sound installation
Tim Blackwell & Michael Young (Swarm Granulator)

7.00 Close

EMS Evening Concert featuring NEW NOISE

Wednesday 5 May 2004
7.30pm Recital Room (MB 167)

Featuring ensemble-in-residence New Noise (Janey Miller, oboe, and Joby Burgess, percussion).


Pieces for oboe, percussion & electronics (incl. Max/MSP) by Tim Bowman, Mette Bille, Emma Ringqvist, Alex Georgoulopoulos, Mihalis Bourzoukos and John Paul Carter. Plus electroacoustic compositions from Aki Fujimoto, Collette Crosbie, Li-Chuan Chong.

Free admission.

BBC Radio 3

Friday 30 April 2004
11.30pm Jazz on 3

Performance by MPhil student Sebastian Lexer and pianist John Tilbury of Samuel Beckett's Cascando. Recorded as part of BBC Music Live, at the Ulster Hall on Monday 26 April.

BBC Radio 4

Monday 26 April 2004
8.30pm A Great Wall

Documentary by Jocasta Lucas, recently graduated MMus student (2003) - "A man you've never met before makes you lie on a cold plastic bed so that he can touch that part of you which normally is only seen or touched by the other man who sits holding your hand hoping for the best. The stranger's fingers linger on the lump. 'It is cancer I'm afraid,' he says.

Your life will never be quite the same again. Being told you have cancer sets you on a long, lonely journey full of unknowns and hazardous guesswork."

Jo Lucas was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 29. In a defiant gesture she and a group of other sufferers determine to walk the Great Wall of China for charity. But Jo's walk is special because two years earlier she had watched her sister Justine also succumb. And now Jo faces the major surgery that will save her life.


Saturday 27 March 2004
7pm Great Hall

Featuring electronics within free improvisation, generative & interactive compositions by -

  • Tim Blackwell (laptop), Panos Ghikas (vln), Mette Bille (voice) & Michael Young (laptop)
  • Jeff Cloke (electr), Sebastian Lexer (pno, laptop), Tony Moore (cello) & Guillermo Torres (trp)
  • Alastair Leslie (laptop) & Ivan Seal (laptop)
  • Dominic Murcott (perc, laptop)

Electronic Music Studio concert

Friday 12 March 2004
7.30pm Great Hall

Programme will include stereo, 5:1 surround sound/video, and 8-channel works by undergraduate & postgraduate students working in the Electronic Music Studios.

Free admission.

Ted Fletcher records in the EMS

8 March 2004

Renowned audio engineer Ted Fletcher recently visited the EMS to record a session with postgraduate  student Grenville Harding, bringing with him some lovely new toys (which we promptly bought, they sounded so good!).

TFPRO website

Sonic Interactions

A two-day postgraduate conference on interactivity and sonic art

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th February 2005

Keynote presentations: Alejandro Vinão and Lawrence Casserley

Saturday 19 February

Venue for all talks/presentations: Small Hall (MB 185), Main Building, Goldsmiths College

Welcome / coffee

10.00 - 11.00am
Keynote presentation #1 - Alejandro Vinao

11.15am - 1.00pm
Session 1:

Aki Pasoulas: The flow of time: past, present (and future) ?
Chris Halliwell: Modelling what happens “in the blink of an eye”
Simon Zagourski-Thomas: [title]
Li Chuan Chong: Between the Interactive and the Performative: (Re)Installing the Human in Generative Music

2.00 - 3.00pm
Keynote presentation #2 - Lawrence Casserley

3.15 - 5.00pm
Session 2:
Lukas Pearce: Off the (lap) Top of the Head: and unwiring of the codes of electroacoustic improvisation
Dominic Murcott: The Theatre of Time: Synchronisation as a compositional feature of live performance
Oliver Bown: Continuous-time recurrent neural networks for musical composition and performance
Thomas Gardner: Networked message: reshaping the connection between individual and group
Sebastian Lexer: Enabling Sonic interaction in free improvisation

(Great Hall, Main Building)

Live performances and compositions by
Lawrence Casserley, Alejandro Vinao, Nicole and Leesa Abahuni ,
Simon Zagourski -Thomas, Ben Kamen, Aki Pasoulas, Sebastian Lexer, Michael Young, John Drever

(All day) Thanos Chrysakis: Encounters. (Installation - venue tba)

Sunday 20 February

Venue for all talks/presentations: Small Hall (MB 185), Main Building, Goldsmiths College


Session 3:
Ruth Hawkins: Soft machine - presentation & discussion
Tsai-Wei Chen: A Nostalgic Soundscape of Taiwan - An Acoustemology of the London-based Taiwanese sojourners’ auditory memories of homeland
Matt Lewis: Soundwalks
Thanos Chrysakis: Music and Space and the notion of Atmospheres

(Great Hall, Main Building)

Live performances and compositions by
Chris Halliwell, Thomas Gardner, Guy Harris, Tokuto Denda and Songgun Kim, Simon Katan and Halal Kebab Hut

(Great Hall, Main Building)

Live electronics and free improvisations from:

Lukas Pearse and Roger Redgate
Catherine Kontz & Henry Vaxby
John Lely and John White
Michael Rodgers
Li-Chuan Chong



Electronic Music Studios concerts 2007-8

These concerts feature works by current undergraduate & postgraduate students working in the Electronic Music Studios. Admission is free. All welcome. Further information please email ems (

Forthcoming concert dates:

Wednesday 3rd October 2007
Great Hall, Goldsmiths; 7.30pm

Friday 5th December 2007
Great Hall, Goldsmiths; 7.30pm

Friday 8th February 2008
Great Hall, Goldsmiths; 7.30pm

Friday 25th April 2008
Great Hall, Goldsmiths; 7.30pm

Jocasta Lucas

We were deeply saddened by the news that sound artist Jocasta Lucas has died. BBC Radio 4 repeated Jo's self-made documentary 'A Great Wall' on December 21st 2007 in her memory.Jo was a postgraduate student at Goldsmiths, studying composition in the Electronic Music Studios from 2002-3.

Funding granted for the Daphne Oram Collection

We are delighted to announce AHRC project funding for the archiving and development of the Daphne Oram Collection, in collaboration with Sonic Arts Network. Between August 2007 and April 2008 we will be digitising Daphne Oram's recorded works, computer software, and paper materials. The full resource will be online by Spring 2008, and the Collection will be launched with an exhibition and concert series in London at this time.

EMS @ The Shunt 2007

Six Days at The Shunt :

Day 1: (Un)sound Experiments
Wednesday 13 June, 7.00pm
The Shunt Vaults, Joiner Street, London E1
An evening of experimental actions and acoustic experimentation.
Curated and directed by Ian Stonehouse and Michael Young.


From Honey To Ashes
A live performance with technology from this barbarous 'Electronic Boy Band', recently described as
'a group of monkeys with constantly and randomly updated Fisher Price samplers'.

John Lely - Second Symphony
For 8 or more players with independent click-tracks and one sound each.

Lawrence Upton + John Drever - NAMING for Adrian Clarke

Emmanuel Spinelli - Mental Aircraft
For Chapman stick, flute and live electronics.

Emmanuel Spinelli + Jihoi Lee - Footsteps in the Wind / Lands and Genotypes
Multichannel sound + installation.

Thomas Rooke - Habituation
Binaural stereo work for headphones.

Dan Coffey - When Is The Next Train?
Sound poetry utilizing MaxMSP software.

Jon Pigrem - ecoustic
Sonic installation (log with headphones).

DJs :
Tom Slater / audiorepublik

Day 5: Installations and Multichannel Events

Thursday 21 June, 7pm
The Shunt Vaults, Joiner Street, London E1

Featuring audio-visual installations and multichannel works by Goldsmiths students working in the Electronic Music Studios. Curated and directed by Ian Stonehouse and Michael Young.


Michael Young + Paul Adderley:
Ground-breaking: Experience Past Landscapes in Grains and Pixels
A computer exploration of 10,000 years of soil records from the Sahel in Africa, 
revealed in different colours, perspectives and sounds, shaped using scientific information taken from the soil itself.

Jeremy Keenan and Olly Farshi: Hospitality
Immersive performance piece, featuring audience as both performer and composer.

Claire M. Singer: a' fàs soilleir
Inspired by The Storr in the Isle of Skye, a' fàs soilleir captures the atmosphere 
of this rugged Scottish landscape through sound and film.

Thanos Chrysakis & Eleni Froudaraki: Patagonia
Audio and sculpture installation

Thanos Chrysakis, Darío Bernal Villegas and Sebastian Lexer: Confluence 5
Live performance, trio improvisation

John Drever/Tony Thatcher/Emma Redding: -scape
Dance, video and sound diffusion

Violeta Llano: Conquista-Independencia
Live performance using MaxMSP software

Thanos Chrysakis: Inscape 19

Patricia Rosner: Tone, for tubular bells and tape 

Gordon Francis: Messe Veda

Jon Pigrem: Imaginary sea scape + Under Pressure

Tim Blackwell: swarm

James Bull: Go out in search of silence

Thomas Rooke - Habituation
Binaural stereo work for headphones.

D an Coffey - When Is The Next Train?
Sound poetry utilizing MaxMSP software.

Jon Pigrem - ecoustic
Sonic installation (log with headphones).

DJs : 

AHRC Research Fellowship

Mick Grierson has joined the EMS for three years (2006 - 2009) on an AHRC Fellowship in the Creative and Performing Arts. His research will focus on "Cognitive and Structural Approaches to Contemporary Audiovisual Computer Aided Composition".

Six Days at The Shunt resulted from the joint efforts of Shunt, Not Applicable, Interlace, Goldsmiths Electronic Music Studios, Lurk, Rump Recordings and ONGAKU:enjoy_sound.

Special thanks to Sebastian Lexer, Andrea Salazar, Mischa Twitchin, Ollie Bown and James Bull.

Six Days at The Shunt

Six Days at The Shunt - Day 1: (Un)sound Experiments

Wednesday 13 June, 7.00pm
The Shunt Vaults, Joiner Street, London E1
An evening of experimental actions and acoustic experimentation. Directed by Ian Stonehouse & Michael Young.
Admission: £5 / free for shunt members.

Six Days at The Shunt - Day 5: Installations and Multichannel Events

Thursday 21 June, 7.00pm
The Shunt Vaults, Joiner Street, London E1
Featuring audio-visual installations and multichannel works by Goldsmiths students working in the Electronic Music Studios. Directed by Ian Stonehouse & Michael Young.
Admission: £5 / free for shunt members.

Electronic Music Studios concerts 2006-7

These concerts feature works by current undergraduate & postgraduate students working in the Electronic Music Studios. Admission is free. All welcome. Further information please email ems (

Thursday 12 October 2006
Great Hall, 7.30pm
Director : Ian Stonehouse

Featuring new student compositions (stereo & multi-channel) by Chris Halliwell, Dawn Scarfe, Matt Byrt, Thanos Chrysakis, and Adam Jansch.

Wednesday 13 December 2006
Great Hall, 7.30pm
Director : Mick Grierson

Featuring the EMS Laptop Collective (dir. Mick Grierson); plus new fixed media work by Violeta Lando, Marcus Leadley, Claire M. Singer and Haris Sophocleous. This concert will be webcast via EMS-TV.

Friday 2 March 2007
Great Hall, 7.30pm
Director: Ian Stonehouse

Featuring new student compositions (stereo & multi-channel) by Matt Byrt , Chris Halliwell, Emmanuel Spinelli, Ed Perkins and Martin Kingston.

Friday 1 June 2007
Great Hall, 7.30pm
(Part of the 'Pure Gold' Festival); Director : Ian Stonehouse

Featuring new student compositions (stereo & multi-channel) by Chris Lea, Patricia Rosner, John Bingham-Hall, Emmanuel Spinelli and Martin Kingston.

The Future of Sound

Thursday 1 March 2007
7.00pm, Great Hall

The Future of Sound provides a forum for the discussion of new and convergent art forms. By creating immersive experiences using state-of-the-art sound technology Future of Sound showcases leading practitioners in the fields of music and audio design. The Goldsmiths event is part of their national

Confirmed line up - Brian Duffy, Ross Phillips, Andy Cameron, UVA, Chris o'Shea, Squidsoup.

Organised by the Screen School & the Electronic Music Studios at Goldsmiths.

Artist Review Series: Immersivity, Art, Architecture, Sound and Ecology

Monthly transdisciplinary presentations commencing 20 September 2006

Supported by the Networking Artists’ Networks Initiative (NAN) through a-n The Artist Information Company.
Co-organised by the Live Art Garden Initiative and Electronic Music Studios, Goldsmiths College

Facilitating critical exchange, discussion and review through an informal and supportive atmosphere; and guided by specific research interests. The general focus areas are: live art and mixed media performance; landscape & interactive architecture and sustainability; critical studies and philosophy; biophysics, acoustics, ecology and sound art. The guest review presenters invited are drawn from these backgrounds and disciplines.

The aims of the artist review meetings are both to support the development of researchers or practitioners, through the sharing and review of recent practice including work-in-progress, and the Live Art Garden Initiative, an art, architecture and ecology project.

Dates and presenters:

Wednesday 20 September 2006
Bill Aitchison, Tsai-Wei Chen, Lauren Goode, Dr Mae-Wan Ho

Saturday 21 October 2006
Ayssar Arida, Mark Fisher, Brandon Labelle, John Lely, Carla Vendramin

Saturday 18 November 2006
Professor John Gruzelier, Christina Kubisch, Jockel Liess, Fabrizio Manco, Lawrence Upton

Saturday 9 December 2006
Jem Finer, Ruairi Glynn, Honor Harger, Mick Grierson, Thor McB

Saturday 20 January 2007
Ajaykumar, Charlotte Bernstein, Sebastian Lexer & Emmanuelle Waeckerle, Maria Llanderas, John Levack Drever & Lawrence Upton

Wednesday 14 February 2007
Robert Davis, Professor Johnny Golding, Helen Palmer, Dr. Aura Satz, Jon Thomson & Alison Craighead

All meetings will start promptly at 2.00pm and finish by 6.00pm, and they are open to researchers, practitioners and artists. Admission is free but reservation of a place is advisable.

Please email lauren ( to reserve a place.

About the Live Art Garden Initiative

Co-chairs: Dr John Drever, Lauren Goode, Ian Stonehouse

The Initiative is to conceive of, set-up and develop an art, architecture and ecology project. The project will involve the creation of new garden environments in which site-specific live arts will be created and receive an audience. The research and practice directions of the Initiative are guided by trans-interdisciplinary research.

Karlheinz Stockhausen - Stimmung
performed by Intimate Voices
Saturday 20 January 2007

Great Hall, Richard Hoggart Building, Goldsmiths College.
Free admission.

Pre-concert talk 7.00pm

Live Algorithms for Music Network: Conference 2006
at Goldsmiths, University of London

18-19 December 2006

Key note talk : Prof. George Lewis (Edwin H. Case Professor of Music, Columbia University, NY)

Concerts - George Lewis (trombone) and Evan Parker (sax) with Voyager and other live algorithms plus New Computer Music by LAM Network members.

All photos by Michael Young and John Goto, used by permission.

Cornelius Cardew Conference

Saturday 11 November 2006
10.00am - 9.30pm

A conference and concert to celebrate the composer's life and work on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of
his death and what would have been his 70th-birthday year.

Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre and Great Hall;
Goldsmiths, University of London
New Cross, London SE14 6NW

Convenors - Keith Potter and John Lely

Electronic Access @ Goldsmiths

Monday 6th November 2006

Great Hall, 7.30pm

A concert of computer music, art video and interactive audiovisual improvisation.

Andreas Weixler and Se-Lien Chuang, with Roland Sutherland (flute).

A collaboration with the Austrian Cultural Forum.

Pre-concert talk 6pm. Open workshop 9.30am-1pm.

Further information please email m.young (

Kim Cascone

Composing Emergent Sound Art Using Simple Genetic Algorithms

Wednesday 26 April 2006
in the Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre

We are pleased to announce an event with internationally acclaimed sound artist, Kim Cascone. He will talk on using genetic algorithms to provide a framework for group collaboration in the production of sound art. Kim Cascone has been involved with electronic music for more than 20 years since his studies at Berklee College of Music and at the New School (with Dana McCurdy) during the 1970s.

In the 1980s Cascone worked with David Lynch as Assistant Music Editor on both Twin Peaks and Wild at Heart. He left the film industry in 1991 to concentrate on Silent Records, a label that he founded in 1986, transforming it into the U.S.'s premier electronic music label. He sold Silent Records in 1996, at the height of its success, in order to pursue a career as a sound designer. He has worked for Thomas Dolby's company Headspace as a sound designer and composer and for Staccato Systems where he oversaw the design of new sounds for games using algorithmic synthesis.

Since 1980, Kim has released more than 15 albums of electronic music and has collaborated with Keith Rowe, Peter Rehberg, Oval, Scanner, Carsten Nicolai, Doug Aitken, and David Toop among others. He has performed at festivals in North America and Europe (Lovebytes, Micro 2 Mutek, Transmissions, Observatori) and has lectured on Post-Digital Music internationally. His articles have appeared in Computer Music Journal (MIT Press), Artbyte, Mediamatic and Parachute.

Co-sponsored by the Departments of Computing, Drama, Media & Communications, and Music.

All welcome to this free event.

Fluxus Symphony Orchestra in Fluxus Concert

Friday 17 March 2006
3.30pm in the Great Hall


Experimental Music Group - Tennis Racket (2006); performed by the Experimental Music Group
George Maciunas - Piano Piece #13 (Carpenter's Piece)(1962); performed by John Lely & Ian Stonehouse
Bob Cobbing - Kurrirrurriri (1967); performed by Lawrence Upton & John Drever.
George Brecht - Incidental Music #2 (date unknown); performed by Emmanuel Spinelli
George Brecht -Flute Solo (disassembling/assembling) (1962); performed by James Bull
George Brecht - eggs(one or more eggs) (date unknown); video projection by John Lely
Yoko Ono - Screaming At A Wall (date unknown); preformed by Sam Nikdel
The Trial of Steve Reich performed by the Fluxus Symphony Orchestra

Sound Practice 2006

Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 February

Organised by the Music Department, Goldsmiths College and the UK and Ireland Soundscape Community Chaired by John Levack Drever.

Sound Practice 2006

Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 February

Organised by the Music Department, Goldsmiths College
and the UK and Ireland Soundscape Community

Chaired by John Levack Drever

All events are free!

For further information please email j.drever (

Full programme

Saturday 11 February

9.30am [Small Hall]
John Levack Drever (Goldsmiths College)
Introduction: UK's Pre-History of Acoustic Ecology

10.00am [Small Hall]
Key Note 1
Catharina Dyrssen (Chalmers School of Architecture, Göteborg, Sweden)
Model-to-model. On Design Based Experimentation With Sound Environments.

Coffee Break

11.00am [Small Hall]
Developing Policy Context And Potential Futures
Max Dixon (Greater London Authority)

Ximena Alarcón (De Montfort University)
An Interactive Sonic Environment Based On Commuters’ Memory Of Soundscape: A Case Study Of The London Underground (work in progress)

Tsai-wei Chen (Goldsmiths College)
On the Way Home: Taipei Sojourners’ Sonic Constellations in London

Peter Cusack (London College of Communication)
Soundscapes of London, Beijing and Places Between

12.45pm - 1.30pm

1.30pm [Great Hall]
Phonography Concert
Yannick Dauby, Nick Fells, Pete Stollery, Bill Thompson, Lisa Whistlecroft, Robert Worby & Philp Tagney

3.00pm [Recital Hall]
Julian Henriques (Goldsmiths College), Nick Gillieron (Paul Gillieron Acoustics), Martyn Ware (Illustrious)
The Sonic Space Ship (SSS)

4.00pm [Small Hall]
Louise K Wilson (University of Derby)
A Record of Fear: Sounding Out the Cold War

Dr Paul Moore (University of Ulster)
Cross (refernc)ing the Namib

Tony Whitehead (RSPB), Becca Lawrence (Sonic Arts Network)
Sonic Postcards: A Sonic Arts Network National Education Programme Using Our Sonic Environment As A Springboard For Creative Arts

Simon Keep
Radio Taxi

5.45pm - 6.30pm [Small Hall]
Key Note 2
Nicolas Rémy (CRESSON: Centre de Recherche sur l'Espace Sonore et l'Environnement Urbain, École d'Architecture de Grenoble, France)
To Design Ambiences

Concert [Great Hall]
Donald Bousted, Disinformation, John Levack Drever, Rob Godman, John Lely

Installations during Saturday
Thanos Chrysakis (Goldsmiths College) - Kingsway corridor
Thomas Kitazawa (Goldsmiths College)
Robin McGinley (Interactive Agents)
Neil Webb

Sunday 12 February

Sound Walk of Deptford.
[Meet by front of the Goldsmiths College Library. We will finish near at a local establishment for those who may be interested in a hot breakfast.]

9.30am [Small Hall]
Andre Castro (Middlesex University)
Suite Vénitienne- Tuesday

Mikhail Karikis (Slade School of Fine Art)
The Acoustics of the Self

Tom Rice (Goldsmiths College)
Stethoscapes: Soundscapes Of The Body

Coffee Break

11.30am [Small Hall]
Ruth Hawkins (Goldsmiths College)
Bodies, Distances, Double Recordings

Adrian Newton
Finding An Audience For Soundscape Composition: Working With Community-Based

Anita McKeown (Art Services Un-incorporated)
Memphis 45s


2pm [Small Hall]
Joe Banks
Rorschach Audio

Concluding Remarks & Discussion for UKISC members. [Small Hall]

Installations during Sunday [in the Electronic Music Studios]
James Bull (Goldsmiths College)
Thomas Kitazawa (Goldsmiths College)
Dave Lawrence (Middlesex University) & GÈNIA (Markson Music Centre)
Mary Yacoob (Central St Martins College of Art)

Cornelius Cardew Conference

Saturday 11 November 2006
10.00am - 9.30pm

A conference and concert to celebrate the composer's life and work on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his death and what would have been his 70th-birthday year.

Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre and Great Hall;
Goldsmiths, University of London
New Cross, London SE14 6NW

Convenors - Keith Potter and John Lely

Free admission

For more information email music (

Three papers on aspects of Cardew's work from Michael Parsons, Virginia Anderson and Malcolm Barry


Workshop and performance of Paragraph 6 of Cardew's The Great Learning


Lecture by John Tilbury (pianist and biographer of the composer) -
"Cornelius Cardew: the last decade (1971-81)"


Open Rehearsal of Paragraph 3 of The Great Learning, for singers and low instruments.
All are welcome to participate!

(Great Hall, Goldsmiths)
to include Treatise and Paragraph 3 of The Great Learning (directed by John Lely)


Large Scale Immersive Audio Experiment

Tuesday 20 October - Saturday 7 November 2009, running daily on the College Green at Goldsmiths.

An installation of Duran Audio's Intellivox DSP controlled beam steering loudspeakers, placed in the four corners of the College Green, in conjunction with Illustrious's 3D Audioscape software platform.

Featuring works by Ain Bailey, Lucia Chung, John Levack Drever, Liam Fletcher, Wojciech Franke / Leo Merz, Tyler Friedman, Tom Slater, Emmanuel Spinelli and Martyn Ware/ Illustrious.

A collaboration between Duran Audio, Illustrious, Sound Practice Research and The Screen School.

Art and Soundscapes: Hildegard Westerkamp

Monday 20 April 2009
Composer and acoustic ecologist Hildegard Westerkamp presented and discussed her compositional work.

Hildegard Westerkamp emigrated to Canada in 1968 and gave birth to her daughter in 1977. After completing her music studies in the early seventies her ears were drawn beyond music to the acoustic environment as a broader cultural context or place for intense listening. Whether as a composer, educator, or radio artist most of her work since the mid-seventies has centred around environmental sound and acoustic ecology.

She has taught courses in Acoustic Communication at Simon Fraser University (1981-1991) in Vancouver (BC) and [is giving lectures and] conducting soundscape workshops internationally. She is a founding member of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE, 1993) and was the editor of The Soundscape Newsletter between 1991 and 1995 and is now on the editorial committee of Soundscape—The Journal of Acoustic Ecology, a new publication of the WFAE.

Her compositions have been performed and broadcast in many parts of the world. The majority of her compositions deal with aspects of the acoustic environment: with urban, rural or wilderness soundscapes, with the voices of children, men and women, with noise or silence, music and media sounds, or with the sounds of different cultures, and so on. She has composed film soundtracks, sound documents for radio and has produced and hosted radio programs such as Soundwalking and Musica Nova on Vancouver Co-operative Radio.

This event was co-sponsored by the Noise Futures Network.

Sebastian Lexer - piano+

Monday 23 March 2009

Featuring MPhil/PhD student Sebastian Lexer, this concert explored an extended instrumental space of the acoustic piano. Within both a solo and ensemble setting, the improvisatory approach will unlock the potential and embedded contingencies in sonic responses and demonstrate the formation of a new performance practice incorporating the acoustic and the electronic augmentation as one entity.

Art and Soundscapes: Barry Truax

Wednesday 18 March 2009

Interacting with Inner and Outer Sonic Complexity: from Microsound to Soundscape Composition

It is possible to think of the two extremes of the world of sound as the inner domain of microsound (less than 50 ms) where frequency and time are interdependent, and the external world of sonic complexity, namely the soundscape. In terms of sonic design, the computer is increasingly providing tools for dealing with each of these domains, such as granular synthesis and multi-channel soundscape composition. The models of interaction involved with the complexity of each of these domains are instructive, and will be presented with sound examples.

The talk included performances of several multi-channel compositions.

Barry Truax is a Professor in both the School of Communication and the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University where he teaches courses in acoustic communication and electroacoustic music. He has worked with the World Soundscape Project (WSP), editing its Handbook for Acoustic Ecology, and has published the book Acoustic Communication dealing with all aspects of sound and technology.

As a composer, Truax is best known for his work with the PODX computer music system which he has used for tape solo works and those which combine tape with live performers or computer graphics. He releases many of these works on the Cambridge Street Records label which he founded in 1985. In 1991 his work Riverrun was awarded the Magisterium at the International Competition of Electroacoustic Music in Bourges (France), a category open only to electroacoustic composers of 20 or more years experience. He is also the recipient of one of the 1999 Awards for Teaching Excellence at Simon Fraser University. Barry Truax is an Associate Composer of the Canadian Music Centre (CMC) and a founding member of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) and the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE).

Electronic Music Studios Concert IV

Saturday 30 May 2009

Featuring works by students working in the Electronic Music Studios, including pieces for multi-channel sound diffusion and live electronics. All welcome, entrance free. Part of the Pure Gold Festival.

Electronic Music Studios Concert III

Friday 1 May 2009
19.30-21.00, Great Hall, Richard Hoggart Building.

Featuring works by current undergraduate & postgraduate students working in the Electronic Music Studios at Goldsmiths. Programme to be confirmed. All welcome, free entrance.

Electronic Music Studios Concert II

Friday 13 February 2009
7.30pm, Great Hall, RHB

Featuring works for live electronics, improvisation and multi-channel sound diffusion by Jane Dickson, Alex Eichenberger, Jonathan McHugh, Tom Mudd, Tristan Shorr, Emmanuel Spinelli and James Turnbull . All welcome, free entrance.

Electronic Music Studios Concert I

Friday 16 January 2009
7.30pm, Great Hall, RHB

Featuring works by students working in the Electronic Music Studios, including pieces for multi-channel sound diffusion and live electronics. All welcome. Entrance Free.

Launch of SPR

Friday 21 November 2008

Reception and exhibition of the Daphne Oram Collection in collaboration with Sonic Arts Network, followed by a concert of interactive audiovisual performance, live algorithmic music, phonography and sound poetry, including performances by John Drever, Ian Stonehouse and Michael Young, and AHRC Fellows in the Creative and Performing Arts, Mick Grierson and Lawrence Upton.

EMS at Collision 08

Friday 12 September 2008

Area 10 Project Space, Eagle Wharf, Peckham, London, SE15.

Goldsmiths Electronic Music Studios performed at Collision 08, an annual festival of experimental music and film, sound and light installations, performance art and free public seminars.

Goldsmiths Electronic Music Studios: 40 years

Dr Michael Young, Dr John Drever, Dr Mick Grierson, Ian Stonehouse.

Studio report presented at ICMC 2008 International Computer Music Conference, hosted at Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queens University, Belfast.

Tsai-Wei Chen: Sonic Constellations

Friday 20 June – 27 June 2008, 10.00am – 6pm

PhD student Tsai-Wei Chen's 33-channel sound installation presents ten sojourners' geographies that exist between homeland and foreign land.

BBC News: Thinking up beautiful music

Dr Mick Grierson demonstrates his Brain Computer Interface for Music for BBC News (12 June 2008).

The life and work of Daphne Oram - Symposium

Friday 27 June 2008, 12pm. Free

Purcell Room, South Bank Centre, London

Daphne Oram was one of the unsung musical heroines of our time, a pioneering British composer and electronic musician. This series of events celebrates the launch of the Daphne Oram Collection at Goldsmiths. For the past 12 months an Arts and Humanities Research Council grant has supported the digitisation of almost 700 reel to reel tapes of music.

This symposium considers her place in the history of electronic music, as well as exploring in academic depth, ideas and tools for graphic sound synthesis through the drawn sound system she invented and called Oramics. Speakers include Maddalena Fadagini and Jo Hutton, Professor Peter Manning, Dr Mick Grierson, and Rob Mullender. Organised in collaboration with Sonic Arts Network.

Oramics: The Life and Works of Daphne Oram

Friday 27 June 2008, 7.30pm. £3/£6

Purcell Room, South Bank Centre, London

This concert features unheard music by Daphne Oram, a pioneering British composer and electronic musician who died in 2003. Much of the music heard in this performance has been uncovered while digitising her tapes at Goldsmith's College, London University. Other works, like Sardonica, written with Ivor Walsworth for piano and tape, receive their first performances in decades and special guest artists including Andrea Parker, creator of warm electro music, remix Daphne's soundworld for a new generation, using drawn-sound techniques developed in the 1950s. Organised in collaboration with Sonic Arts Network.

EMS at The Shunt 2008: (Un)sound Experiments II

Thursday 5 June, 6.00pm. £5 day membership

The Shunt Vaults, London Bridge Station

Goldsmiths Electronic Music Studios returns to The Shunt, a unique venue beneath London Bridge Station, to host an evening of interactive performance, sound art, installations and improvised music.

Part of the Pure Gold Music Festival at Goldsmiths.

EMS at The Shunt 2008: (Un)sound Experiments II

Thursday 5 June 2008, 6.00 - 10.30pm

The Shunt Vaults, London Bridge Station

Goldsmiths Electronic Music Studios returned to The Shunt, a unique venue beneath London Bridge Station, to host another evening of interactive performance, sound art, installations and improvised music - part of the Pure Gold Music Festival at Goldsmiths.


Bar Area

6.30 & 7.30pm
Ina Dokmo - Collaborator/ performer, Tony Thatcher – Choreographer, John Levack Drever - Sound Designer.

Main Stage


Free improvisation
Thanos Chrysakis (electronics), Oli Mayne (vibraphone) and James O'Sullivan (guitar).


Duet with Swarm and Woven Sound
Tim Blackwell (sax, laptop) and Thanos Chrysakis (gongs, shruti box, midi-keyboard).
‘ Woven Sound’ refers to the weaving of sound into a digital fabric. In this improvisation, a swarm will fly across the fabric, collecting regions of high micro-texture which are then unwoven back into sound. 

MaxMSP improvisation
Dan Coffey and Jon Pigrem

Eva C.
Free improvisation from Jonathan McHugh (electronics) and Lawrence Williams (saxophone & electronics).

Tristan Shorr, Tom Mudd, James Turnbull & Jussi Brightmore.
A collaborative project exploring the subtle layering and textures of sound, and the improvisatory responses of a range of sound making devices, objects, and instruments, in a context of experimental practice and live performance

Naming for Ricki Redhead
John Drever & Lawrence Upton.
Pre-recorded/prepared audio material, live voice and live laptop treatment.

Marcelle et Simone 2008 (live improvisation)
Chris Haworth

Live improvisation with MaxMSP
Tom Mudd

Circuit Blasting
Strange Attractor vs. Disinformation
Circuit Blasting introduces a new concept in the evolution of electronic music, loosely based on (and, arguably, an affectionate parody of) both the generative music and the circuit bending genres from which this performance derives its name.

Where circuit bending involves the subtle and complex rewiring of electronic musical instruments etc to produce unusual and surprising combinations of sounds, in contrast Circuit Blasting involves giving very high voltage electric shocks to electronic instruments and simply waiting to see what happens next. The Strange Attractor vs. Disinformation Circuit Blasting CD was released by Adaadat Records in 2006.

Frenzy Sound Dialects, Sequenza III, revised
I-Chin Li
Trio For Voice, Percussion, Laptop.
The concept of both modules & movement structure were not only an important guideline, they also served as mental mind-set for interpretation, after contemplation of what's happening around us, & how tragic & unsolved crises that people often encountered. So we give our exclamation frantically to reveal what may be more than an unstoppable loop pattern of life circle, never get to reach towards its end.

Be it an intertwined coil of varied complexities in different multitudes, a means to outlet the divergence or hectic burden of despair, a discourse to be engaged only through fragments of events, particles of sound, interaction between high & low, fast & slow, an oscillation from resonance to dissonance, & yet the relationships were juxtaposed on the contrapuntal dimensions constantly defer & infer to each other, though resilient at the elision from the past to the present, an ancient yearning signified the inescapable liaison.

From Honey to Ashes
Witness a spectacle to satisfy your incredibly short concentration spans: Electroacoustic boy band From Honey to Ashes will attempt to stuff five pieces into fifteen minutes! That’s one every second, or one for every time a dog falls over. Watch them sweat as they fruitlessly attempt to communicate, and, as usual, just end up dancing and having a good time!
Personnel: Mick Grierson, Matt Lewis, Ed Curtis and Jeremy Keenan.

Goldsmiths Electronic Orchestra
An improvisatory ensemble formed at Goldsmiths that blends the spontaneity of physical instruments with the rich sound textures and frequency ranges of electronic instruments. Laptops are used both as sound creators in their own right and as sound processors/manipulators to expand the vocabulary of the acoustic instruments (or even the electronic ones).
Personnel: Mick Grierson, Jane Dickson, I-Chin Li, Jun Jun Lin, Jonathan McHugh, Tom Mudd and Nahum Mantra.

Corridor - Installation

Exposing Traces
Jeremy Keenan and Helene Cooper.
What is it that makes a home? Is it the objects we surround ourselves with or an accumulation of traces over time - of the journeys we take both physically and audibly and the resonances of these that can be found in any personal space? By extracting and abstracting sounds, movements, objects and smells from a number of home environments this installation aims to look at the home as an exposed feature - to reveal and fragment the journeys that occur behind so many closed doors - private to the performers yet familiar to many. Through participation the audience can experience these journeys and receive total sensory stimulation.

Corridor - Film

Ryo Ikeshiro - Basilica Cistern
Music by ry-om. Filmed by Eskisehir in Turkey.

Nadine Langford & Jane Dickson – Cannon (Cargo on the Thames) Haris Sophocleous - Remembrance

This video project is about remembrance. It shows vivid images of my uninhabited Granddad’s house back in Cyprus, where I’ve spent the first five years of my life. Images like specific dates (6.2.81 and 28.3.77) written with chalk by my Granddad on a piece of wood, an abandoned tombstone cross next to a little church close to the house, the bakery where my Grandma used to bake bread, her 1960`s kitchen sink, bees flying inside the abandoned house and many more images that I still remember. This project is like a direct portrait of the formation of my character; the way I think and act; the way I interact with my environment and finally the way I think and compose music.

Tristan Shorr - Deptford Market

A short film study of Deptford Market shot on Super 8 with 5.1 stereo sound.

Red Room - CD Listening Post

Disinformation - London Underground.

"London Underground" by Disinformation is a VLF-band magnetic field radio recording of electrical noise radiated by the London metro system (recorded at Clapham South in 2002, released on the "Sense Data and Perception" CD by Iris Light Records in 2005, and based on a precedent established by the Disinformation "R&D2" CD published by Ash International Records in 1997). Like many Disinformation recordings, this project is conceived as an electromagnetic equivalent of more familiar forms of wildlife recording; but, in this case, there is also a play on words, as the title also refers to a social phenomenon - to the outsider cultures from which UK noise music emerged.

Disinformation - Stargate.

"Stargate" by Disinformation is a short-wave radio recording of a "Type 2" noise storm, produced by plasma bursts on the surface of the sun (associated with sunspots and solar flares) which was released as the title track to an eponymous Disinformation LP in 1996. Because of its similarity to the sound of deep, hypnotic, rolling surf, this phenomenon is referred to as the "seashore effect". JG Ballard wrote that "a huge volume of radio signals reach this planet... the hope remains that one day we will decode them, and find a spontaneously generated choral music, a naive electromagnetic architecture, the primitive syntax of a philosophical system... as reassuring as the pattern of waves on a beach".

Disinformation - Ghost Shells.

"Ghost Shells" by Disinformation is a VLF-band recording of radio noise produced by lightning, which was released as the title track of another eponymous Disinformation LP in 1996. During WW1, German Army electronic countermeasures operatives intercepted whistling sounds whilst intercepting signals from British Army field telephones, sounds which were referred to as the "ghosts" of artillery shells whistling overhead. These "whistlers" are doppler-shifted electron-packets discharged by lightning, bouncing around the field-lines of the magnetosphere. "Ghost Shells" was realised as a by-product of its author's participation (as a ground observer) in the Ischochnik-Ariel "virtual" laser antenna experiment on board Space Station MIR, which was organised by INSPIRE (Interactive NASA Space Physics Ionosphere Radio Experiments) in association with NASA and the Russian space agency IKI.

ry-om - Soundtrack

ry-om (Ryo Ikeshiro and Tom Shelton): autonomous electro-acoustic soundscape co-operative generating experimental localised noise pollution Improvised using laptops, guitars, effects pedals, feedback loops, synths, sampling and vocals. New album entitled III available soon from and Creative Sources.

Jess Aslan - The Modulor Bell.

The numerical relationship of Phi (the Golden Ratio) has held fascination for many and it persistently appears in physically unrelated natural systems. The Modulor Bell explores a single strike of a tubular bell with Phi as the primary influence, structurally and within the material, paying particular attention to the formal balance that Phi provides.

Marcus Leadley - Freedom Square – Invasion of the Monti Hawkers

During the latter half of 2007, Freedom Square in the Maltese capital of Valletta was occupied by the Monti Hawkers market - displaced from nearby Merchant’s street by road works. This was a source of much local controversy with bureaucrats and union officials going head to head, letters to the press, debates over appropriate use of public space and an unexpected focus on the trading of pirate CD and DVDs. To the casual tourist, during these months, the scene appeared to be nothing more than a market in a town square.
The work was originally executed as a twelve-channel work, eight in an outer ring to spatialise the square and a further four at the centre to present the edited montage of market field recordings. It’s aim was to document this period of mercantile occupation and explore themes of urban space, human presence and the change of sound marks over time. Collapsing the work to stereo has proved an interesting challenge.

Freedom Square 1: delivers an overall sense of the space and human traffic over a twelve-hour period.

Freedom Square 2: an audio ‘view’ from the walls surrounding Freedom Square, combining field recordings over the same time period.

Hawkers Market: re edit of market field recordings to present an alternative perspective from street level of the same acoustic environment.

All incidental music is of dubious legality. The sound of 50 Father Christmas Toys playing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town out of time with each other is totally legitimate.