Microphones, Instruments and Hardware


Microphones available for use in this studio include:

Brüel & Kjaer type 4003 omnidirectional mics, with own 130V preamp

Neumann U87 condenser mics

Neumann TLM193 condenser mic

Neumann TLM 102

Neumann TLM 103

Golden Age R1 Active MkIII Ribbon mics

Coles 4038 ribbonmics

Reslosound vintage ribbon mic

ElectroVoice PL20 dynamic mic

Sennheiser MD441 dynamic mics

Sennheiser MD421 dymanic mics

Sennheiser Evolution G2 500 Series radio mic system - incl. Me2 lapel, Me3 headset & Me4 lavalier mics

Microvox Swanneck

Beyer MPC65 PZM mics

AKG 451 condenser mics

AKG C1000S back electret condenser mics

AKGD 222 dynamic mic

Rode NT1-A condenser mics

AKG D112 dynamic bass microphone

Shure Beta 57A and SM57 dynamic mics

Zoom HS-VR Handy Recorder.

The EMS also has assorted homemade piezo contact mics (mono/stereo), drum bugs etc.

A range of MIDI controllers, headphone splitters and Sennheiser HD-280 Pro Closed Dynamic headphones are available for use in this studio.

The EMS also has a collection of useful instrument, tools and creative accessories:


EMS VCS4 synthesizer – prototype circa 1970.

Roland 100M analogue modular system

Dave Smith Prophet 12

Roland JD800

EDP Wasp - from the early 80s - one of the earliest hybrid digital/analogue synths

Doepfer modular system

Cracklebox and CrackleSynth - built by Michel Waisvisz of STEIM in Amsterdam in the mid 1970s

Keyboard instruments

Wurlitzer electric piano (In Live Room)

Yamaha Disclavier


Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard - 8-bit PCM, 9.38kHz – gritty sampling form the early 1980s

Akai S3000.

Tape Machines

Revox B77 tape recorder

Studer B67 tape recorder

Ferrograph (series VI) tape recorder. High quality mono all-valve recorder made in 1965.

MIDI/USB controllers

Ableton Push

Soundbeam 2 

Yamaha MFC10

Korg Nano Kontrol II

Peavey PC 1600x  

Portable monitors

Genelec 8050A powered speakers x 8 (with stands)

Genelec 8020D powered speakers x 4


Dayton Audio Transducer kit

Fireface 802 - audio interface

Hugh Davies improv collections – many and varied sounding objects

Stanton ST150 M2 turntable

Denon DRM-550 cassette player