Live Room

Live Room
Yamaha DS4M4PRO Disklavier and EMS VCS4 in Live Room

The Live Room is a recording space (approx. 520 square feet) that is also used as a listening & teaching area. The room is connected via tie-lines to the control room. The Live Room contains an analogue mixing desk (Allen & Heath MixWizard WZ3 14:4:2) and Genelec 8050 Monitors. An iMac and projector are available on request.

This room houses:

Yamaha DS4M4PRO Disklavier grand piano which has USB/MIDI record/playback capability, either internally or remotely via MIDI (there are tie-lines to the Control Room) or other computer workstation. It is also equipped for remote playback via the internet.

EMS VCS4. EMS Prototype synthesiser.

All live room bookings are handled directly through the EMS office and cannot be made on LORE.