About the Faiths and Civil Society Unit.

The unit brings together politics and policy, sociology and society, professional practice.

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The Faiths & Civil Society Unit explores:

Politics and Policy: how decision-makers engage and shape faith-based social action in the public realm, and what this says about deliberation, participation, inclusion and social justice.

Sociology and Society: are society secular, post-secular or complexly both? How should we think and talk about religion in society, and what are the pressing issues?

Professional Practice: what do faith-based social actors do, how do they do it, what are the impacts, and what are the challenges?

These issues come together in interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange to help religion, belief and non-belief groups, policy-makers and practitioners work together effectively.

Key activities include:

For more information or with enquiries, please contact: Professor Adam Dinham or Professor Chris Baker