The FCSU is pleased to be working with both the Aziz Foundation and the William Temple Foundation to support postgraduate and PhD students through scholarships supporting the study community development and religion and belief in modern British life.

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Aziz Foundation Scholarships

Beginning in September 2017 the Faiths Unit will have 2 new Masters students studying at Goldsmiths, individuals active in British Muslim communities and interested in how the needs of these communities may be met through community development and services. The aim of these scholarships is to help develop a pool of professionals and practitioners capable of addressing the social challenges facing British Muslim communities. The focus is on supporting the development of practical leadership in all areas of community service and at all levels. The objective is to improve the skills of imams and chaplains, community and youth workers, and teachers and counsellors working on the ground, addressing complex social problems, so that they can deliver inspiring solutions to the highest standards in community service. These scholarships will fund 2 Masters students per year for 5 years. For more information.

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William Temple Scholarships

The Faiths and Civil Society Unit has, in partnership with the William Temple Foundation, created five full-time funded Ph.D studentships to explore the role and impact of religion and belief in modern British life. These two institutions are committed to critical, innovative and interdisciplinary research on important trajectories in political, social and economic life, as well as policy. The new visibility of globalised religion within UK life, coupled with a steep rise of those within the UK who identify with ‘no-religion’ is a major phenomenon of 21st century life that is redefining several debates in key areas of public life including healthcare, education, our legal system, community development, social cohesion, poverty and exclusion, employment legislation and human rights, well-being and flourishing.

These William Temple Scholar studentships are designed to provide new research and theoretical development in some of these areas that will also generate high impact public events and quality digital and social media outputs. Scholars will co-design and curate one public impact event each year (at Goldsmiths or elsewhere – as appropriate) highlighting their research methodologies and or findings, as well as contributing regular blogs and social media feeds for both FCSU and WT Foundation platforms. Four of the five students began in September 2017 and a fifth in January 2018. More information on the scholars at the William Temple Foundation website.