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Unit for Global Justice

How do we understand justice in a global world?


Inside the department

The increasing significance of transnational governance, the emergence of new forms of global rights and conflicts, and the global impact of new technologies raise new issues for justice, ethics and law.

The Research Unit for Global Justice studies the legal and ethical implications of contemporary global social change. The Unit aims to bring together researchers and practitioners concerned with changing social and technical forms and their implications for how we understand justice, ethics, and law in the new global world.

The Unit has five key research strands:

  • conflict, war, and transitional justice;
  • sovereignty, governance and regulation;
  • new forms of human rights, democracy, and social movements;
  • changing configurations and cultures of law, ethics, and justice; and
  • international, transnational, and comparative methodologies.

The Unit aims to understand these emerging areas and their challenges for justice in the broader context of contemporary social and cultural shifts.

The Unit builds upon existing expertise in the  and aims to support and develop research in this area at Goldsmiths. Its' activities includes seminar series; conferences; research projects and the dissemination of research in this area. We welcome enquiries from prospective visiting scholars and post-doctoral students who may wish to become part of the Unit.

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