Dr Mai Taha

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Position Leturer
Department Law
Email m.taha (@gold.ac.uk)

Mai works in the areas of legal history, international law, human rights, labour and social reproduction. Borrowing from history, sociology, literature and film, Mai's research is interdisciplinary and is influenced by various intellectual currents from the critical tradition, specifically, law and Marxism, post-colonial thought, socio-legal studies, Marxist feminism, Critical Legal Studies (CLS) and Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Academic qualifications

  • Doctorate (SJD), University of Toronto 2015
  • LLM, University of Toronto 2009
  • MA in International Human Rights Law, American University in Cairo 2008

Teaching and Supervision

Research interests

Mai has written on labour movements, gender and reproductive labour, labour rights and international legal institutions in the interwar and postcolonial Middle East. She is also interested in the area of law and literature, and law and film, specifically engaging with themes relating to alternative archives, oral histories and artefacts.
She is currently working on a project on the legal politics of refusal and revolt, focusing on early twentieth century anti-colonial revolutions in the Middle East that coincided with new international legal arrangements, Mandates and Protectorates.
Mai is also working on new research on human rights in communist thought and activism in the Global South.

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Conferences and talks

2020: ‘Partition and Revolution in the Settler Colony'
Between Race and Capitalism: Understanding 21st Century International Law, Melbourne Law School.

2019: Alice in Wonderland Goes to Palestine
International Law and Literature Workshop, London School of Economics (LSE).

2019: ‘Decolonization between labour, love and the nation: feminists and the politics of work and care in independent Egypt
Historical Materialism Conference, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) (with Sara Salem).