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Cryptobar By Compiler

Cryptobar installation by Compiler, bottle of colourful liquids labelled

Cryptobar By Compiler, in collaboration with Fabio Natali 1

10 Jun - 31 Jul 2017

Blurring the line between cryptography and the art of cocktail making, the installation aimed to encourage discussions around data and surveillance, asking where your data is going, why it matters, and how to keep it private. Instead of bombarding with threat-modelling, the Cryptobar created conditions for strategising in response to surveillance, while mixing cocktails with reference to a menu of software that might be useful.



Jenny Keutar: Revealing, a library soundscape

Jenny Keutar: Revealing, a library soundscape

Nov - Dec 2010

Goldsmiths Library is a place where sonic ambience can be observed in great richness. Its architecture and spatial structure constantly produce sonic changes, which effect our aural perception. The walls and doors, shelves and corridors almost seem to build an aural labyrinth.

The aim of this exhibition is to reveal the acoustics of the library, by drawing attention to the everyday environmental sounds, even those which are unhearable. The library visitors are sent on a sound journey, it is hoped they will become conscious of the diverse sonic atmosphere. 

This could take place in a single moment, as an illustrated sound catches the attention or connects with a personal memory or emotion. It also may be a more subtle realisation that takes place over a longer period of time. Given the impression of spatiality, the movement of time and the flows of communication within the library, the audience is challenged to reflect, question and wonder about the library soundscape. This exhibition includes several low and high-tech installations, which are arranged throughout the Rutherford Building.

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