Buchi Emecheta Space


Buchi Emecheta Space is located on the second floor in the library.

Please see our past events below.

A person in a Post It Note Liberation Front orange t-shirt at a book case

Katie Surridge: Post it Note Liberation Front

27 May – 26 June 2022 

How often do you find some one else’s post it notes stuck in a book you're reading?

Instantly distracted by the coloured strips on a seemingly mundane page of text you panic and start wondering if that key quote for your essay in on this marked page.  

You read the page again , and again ….nothing … 

Dont worry: The Post It Note Liberation Front are here to help.

We are a secret society who work undercover in the Library cleaning old post it notes out of books. 

No books were harmed in the making of this new show in the Buchi Emecheta Space but every post it note used in it has been found in the Goldsmiths Library! 

Present Futures: Becoming an Archive

Past Exhibitions

See below for past exhibitions.

Present Futures: Becoming an Archive

23 Oct to 1 Nov 2017

Exhibition installation of Present Futures, hanging cloth, framed posters and glass cabinet of publications

This ongoing project positions the archive as a space of becoming for women and non-binary people of colour.

The first iteration of Becoming an Archive was at The Women’s Art Library.
Through an open call, this ongoing project seeks to collect works and ephemera from women and non-binary artists of colour working in Britain since 1992-present.
We invited artist Rebecca Bellantoni to produce a responsive commission that addresses and gives presence to the women of colour within in its holds as well as those who have been left out and overlooked.
Through working together with Rebecca, our thinking around the archive began to shift.
What, we began to ask, is the very nature of an archive housed in an institution doing for us?
How does it engage and contribute to the contemporary moment of identity politics and collectivity?
The exhibition moved upstairs and marked the opening of the Buchi Emecheta Space.