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Anne Krinsky: From Absorb to Zoom

Anne Krinsky: From Absorb to Zoom

Krinsky spent months sifting through the Women’s Art Library’s eclectic mix of writing, images and ephemera. She selected and scanned material which spoke to her own artistic interests and, with the help of the printmaker Barton Hargreaves digitally wove the borrowed words and imagery into a series of prints. In the words of Maggie Gray, the ‘prints are elusive things, whose layers seem to shuffle and dance in front of your eyes. Scanned pages from books lie faded under translucent veils of colour; geometric grids float over them; opaque oval shapes sit solidly on top like artistic punctuation marks; and here and there a magazine illustration opens up space’.

Abigail Thomas: Micro-Pages

Micro-Pages, curated by Abigail Thomas

Presented on microfilm, this touring book art exhibition initiated dialogue around the genre of book art. Presented through a traditional archival preservation method, the project aimed to promote thought around the display and use of artist’s books, whilst also questioning the limits of digital preservation.

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