Melissa Goodfellow

Student work

The Fashion Actant

Through playful experimentation and analysis I intend to deconstruct the symbiosis between activism and fashion. By examining theories of revolution, happiness and the construction of power in relation to the fashion system; I found my work consistently returning to the hierarchies in fashion that run parallel to contemporary society.

My work explores both archaic and game-changing elements of the fashion industry through subversive visual commentary. The result is an insightful reflection on how to move forward through the tumultuous fashion landscape.

Primarily exploring well-being through making, revolution and power structures through the lens of fashion, my work is a manifestation of objects and garments that reflect my process of thinking through making.

The DIY stand features a prototype using the sound of high heels on sneakers to explore notions of power, 'grown materials' as alternatives to oil based materials, indigo shirts exploring old dyeing techniques, prototyping revolution headwear, liberty caps as hoodies and social sweaters created through collaboration at an event.  My explorations culminated in a manifesto 'The Fashion Actant' on how to create a meaningful and authentic engagement with fashion.