Goossun Art-illery: Inferno


Goossun Art-illery presents its new production, inferno, as a work in progress in London, on the 11th November 2010. inferno will be performed within the context of the Pinter Centre Conference Transformations of Narrative in the Postcolonial Era.

This will be a “first draft” materials for the performance, result of the three weeks rehearsals in Athens and London.
inferno is a solo performance inspired by and based on the myth of Prometheus, accounts of Guantanamo Bay detention camp and writings of Albert Camus. The project is a collaboration between Denmark, the UK and Greece. The performance explores the issues of imprisonment, torture; inferno incorporates contemporary dance and lecture-theatre.

Vahid is the founder of Goossun Art-illery, a film/theatre director and a performer trainer. He began his artistic venture in Iran at the age of sixteen with an award wining short film. Today Vahid concentrates his main focus on theatre, with a special interest in training performers.

Based in London and Copenhagen, Goossun Art-illery uses art as a means to stimulate debate, provoke opinions and raise awareness of contemporary social, political and cultural issues, particularly those resulting from an intersection of conflicting interests. Goossun Art-illery is currently working on the issues of imprisonment, torture with inferno and explores the socio-political rights of displaced persons, asylum seekers and refugees through the HamletZar project. The Company has established long-term relation with the Pinter Center since 2009 when it performed Truth is Fragmented at Fractured Narratives conference.

Director: Vahid
Performer: Stamatis Efstathiou
Production Manager: Constantina Georgiou
Strategy Manager: Lene Bang
Illustrator: Elina Middleton-Lajudie
Interns: Sofia Papageorgiou, Eleni Vlachou, Margot Przymierska
Media Team: Ronit Meranda
Producer: Vahid
In Partnership with: Among the Ants, Pinter Centre & Dansens Dage