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Centre for Postcolonial Studies

Seeking to provide a forum for those engaged in pushing Postcolonialism into new domains.

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Welcome to the Centre for Postcolonial Studies.

The Centre for Postcolonial Studies is dedicated to research colonialism, past and present, and on the continuing legacies of the colonial era. One of our central aims is to expand postcolonial studies beyond its original home in literary studies and to engage with current political, cultural and artistic questions. The work of  our researchers include:

  • Re-configuring The International: Views from the South
  • The Politics of Knowledge
  • Postcolonial and Decolonial Dialogues 
  • Migration, Borders and Diasporas
  • Charting New Colonialism(s): The Role of Extractivism in Latin America
  • Counter-Mapping, Resistance and the Politics of Space
  • The Global Middle East 
  • Ethnicity, Religion and Violence in Asia
  • Decolonising Aesthetics:  Art, Cinema and Curatorial Practices
  • Decolonising higher-education
  • Post-development and Degrowth 
  • Comparative Political Theory
  • Punk and Hip-Hop, from the peripheries of the Global North to the Megalopolis of the Global South

The Centre seeks to provide a forum for those engaged in pushing postcolonialism into new domains to meet, discuss, and to explore and disseminate new ideas, through seminars, colloquia, film screenings, public events and academic conferences. Three of the co-editors of the leading international journal in the field, Postcolonial Studies are the directors of the Centre. 

To know more about our activities, visit POCO Centre's blog, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook. Our email: postcolonial (


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