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Domestic Monsters: An installation of emerging ideas and work-in-progress.

picture of a washing machine in a kitchen
Domestic Monsters

Domestic Monsters   

An installation of emerging ideas and work-in-progress.

We have been talking about new discourses around the domestic and making, and have been bookmarking, tagging, saving, sharing, and watching new things emerge in the world, new relations, languages and modes of life and praxis in the home.

Ways we exist in and relate to our domestic spaces have changed and shifted in a myriad of different ways for us all over the last year.  

Connections have emerged.

Ways of thinking about what it means to maintain a practice that emerges from and is shaped, inspired and (at times) limited by domestic space and labour.

Making this (unfinished/ongoing) work public acknowledges the invisible, ad hoc and responsive infrastructures of support, conversation and ‘thinking together’ that has gently coaxed these monsters into being.  

This exhibition is generously supported by the Goldsmiths Textile Collection/Constance Howard Gallery with special thanks to Jane Cameron and Shanique Thompson.  

Accessibility: If you are attending the gallery and need the College to help with any mobility requirements, please contact the event organiser in advance to ensure we can accommodate your needs (email textiles@gold.ac.uk or call 0207 717 2210) 

12 April - 31 May 2022, Mon-Fri 11am-5pm 
Private View 5 May 5 - 8pm 


Talking Textiles

Talking Textiles is a get-together for anybody interested in textiles and curious to find out more about the Goldsmiths Textile Collection. A small selection of textiles from the Goldsmiths Textile Collection is available for viewing and informal discussion at the Constance Howard Gallery.  Attendees are invited to continue the discussion over tea and coffee after the session.

Constance Howard Gallery, Deptford Town Hall basement.