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Chris Brauer

Chris Brauer teaches in the Institute of Management Studies (IMS) at Goldsmiths, University of London and is Founder of the Centre for Creative and Social Technologies (CAST).  He is a Canadian-born academic and entrepreneur living and working in London teaching, researching, creating content, and doing business. He revels in the intersections of disciplines and boundaries including those between industry and academic and those between academic disciplines.

His current research projects include smart energy, connected homes, wearable technologies, cryptocurrencies, and mobile security.

Chris regularly appears in media and press analysing digital media, emerging technologies, and digital economies and politics. His primary current teaching and research interests are in management studies, innovation, digital journalism and sociology or the intersections of technologies and craft. He is project director for creative agency Smoothmedia and active in management consulting for a global portfolio of clients and managing creative industry investments for London-based investment bank Clarity Capital

Chris is the convener of the MSc Management of Innovation. He teaches the Innovation Case Studies and Project Management course modules and leads the Innovation in the Wild seminar series. Chris is a certified project manager in PMP, Agile, Scrum, and Prince2.

Public engagement

Dr Chris Brauer appears extensively in the media as an analyst on emerging technologies, social and commercial innovation, management scenarios, and hi-tech markets and economics. Following is a sample of global appearances: 

In collaboration with global security company AVG Technologies, Dr Brauer investigates the current and potential future implications of digital immersion in children.

In his guest column in CityAM and in a widely shared story on social media Dr Brauer explores the wider implications of crytography on society and the global economy. 

Dr Brauer discusses the emerging impact of cryto-currencies on global markets and China in this extensive segment on CNBC's flagship morning financial news programme SquakBox.  

In this wide-ranging interview with the Future Media Lab Dr Brauer discusses his research projects and the potential role now and in the future of wearable technologies in productivity and performance in the workplace.  

Dr Brauer wrote a guest column for CNN on the impacts and relevance of wearable technologies in the workplace.  

In a guest column for CityAM Dr Brauer argues for the humble power of the exponent in the management of innovation.  

Dr Brauer was featured in a BBC Radio 4 series on the state of Privacy in Britain.  

Dr Brauer joins China Central Television's (CCTV) flagship current affairs programme World Insight in a panel discussion about the National Security Agency (NSA) PRISM system and data scraping from nine of the largest telecommunications providers in the world. Under discussion are the secrutiy, privacy, and espionage issues related to the highly publiced leaks about PRISM.

Wearable technology research led by Chris Brauer in the Institute of Management Studies (IMS) generated coverage in over 350 publications and media outlets worlwide from the USA Today to the Voice of Russia. The research project was contract research in collaboration with cloud-computing provider Rackspace. 

Dr Brauer wrote a guest column for CityAM on his vision of the potential role and impact of wearable technologies beyond Google Glass. 

Semi-serious discussion on BBC Breakfast on Twitter abuse. Dr Brauer is joined by footballer's wife Lizzie Cundy.

An Award-winning public relations campaign by 3 Monkeys Communications saw the research results of a study led by Dr Brauer on 'Generation Cloud' and the importance of digital inheritance covered in over 500 publications worldwide. These are three links to coverage by UK journalists. The story was conducted as a contract research collaboration with cloud computing provider Rackspace and featured TV spots in Brazil, Canada, Japan, and the UK. 

Dr Brauer interviewed in his role as head of creative industries for London-based investment bank Clarity Capital on the possibilities of another digital technology investment bubble in the market.

Dr Brauer participates in a panel discussion about the impact of Wikileaks while still a lecturer in Digital Journalism at City University, London

Canadian journalist Joseph Planta conducts an extensive interview with Dr Brauer on the UK General Elections and the various uses of mereging technologies in the campaigns and debates.

Research Interests

  •   Knowledge Economies
  •   Information, Communication, and Entertainment 
  •   Emerging Technologies
  •   Brand Identities
  •   Digital Media
  •   Creative & Social Technology
  •   Digital Journalism
  •   Real Time Web
  •   Social Network Optimisation
  •   Digital Research Methods

Current research

  •   Smart Energy and Connected Homes (Smart Lives)  
  •   Wearable Technology in Lifestyle, Wellbeing, and the Workplace
  •   Artifical Intelligence and Productivity
  •   Bitcoin and crypto-currencies 
  •   Virtual Assistants

Research Conferences and Keynotes

  • Wearable Technologies and Privacy Laws, Conference Presentation, Privacy Laws and Business, Queen's College, Cambridge, 8 July, 2014
  • The Digital Imperative, Keynote Presentation, Nimbus Ninety Ignite, Skyloft, London, 20 May, 2014
  • Trust, Trends, and Technologies, Keynote Presentation, Mobile Security Forum, Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 24 Feb, 2014
  • Trust and Managing Innovation, Keynote Presentation, Assocation of Corporate Treasurers, London, 12 Feb, 2014
  • Wearable Technologies and the Future of Cities, Re.Work Cities, Tobacco Dock, London, 13 Dec, 2013
  • Wearable Technologies in Learning and Productivity, Wearable Futures, Ravensbourne, London, 10 Dec, 2013
  • Augmented Brains and the Power of the Exponent, Re.Work Meet-Up, Shoreditch Works, London 11 Nov, 2013
  • Big Data and Wearable Technologies, Mindshare Huddle, Mindshare, London, 7 Nov, 2013
  • The Human Cloud, Re.Work Tech, St Luke's, London, 19 Sep, 2013
  • Rigs, Mints, and Mineshafts, UTOPIA Forum, Goldsmiths, University of London, 16 May, 2013



Netmodern: Interventions in Digital Sociology
Brauer, Christopher. 2011. Netmodern: Interventions in Digital Sociology. Doctoral thesis, Goldsmiths, University of London

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