Why study Psychology at Goldsmiths?

Psychology is a science that studies why we behave the way we do. And at Goldsmiths it’s interactive and it’s inclusive. We’re asking a whole range of questions – from what makes someone believe in the paranormal to how music affects our mood – and we’re also at work in the world. 

As a department we’re interested in cross-disciplinary research that relates psychological theory from the lab to life. So if you study psychology here you’ll get to grips with the investigative side of the subject and see how you can apply your theories to a whole range of public settings from advertising to schools to government policy

We want you to graduate with a psychology degree that gives you more than just a body of knowledge. So while our accredited degrees cover the broad themes of cognition, individual differences, biological and evolutionary issues, social functioning, and development, you’ll also take part in staff research, use our specialist facilities, and learn how to apply your skills beyond your degree through our dedicated employability course.

Study abroad

The Department of Psychology offers an Erasmus scheme which enables you to live in a European city for part of your degree. 

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BSc Psychology, graduated 2013

"I'm now employed full-time by the NHS so it just goes to show that you're very employable when you leave Goldsmiths!"

I chose to come to Goldsmiths because the psychology department felt different from every other university I visited, they made you feel like a real person, like you mattered and I was right about that. Goldsmiths has supported me through every step of my degree in every way possible and the progress I've made over the last three years is unbelievable. I've seen my grades improve year on year and now I'm ready to head into the world of work.

The course means that no matter what you want to do with your degree you'll be able to do it; it helps you to become a well rounded individual. I'm already employed full-time by the NHS as a support worker in an in-patient child and adolescent mental health unit, which just goes to show that you're very employable when you leave Goldsmiths! I'm also hoping to go on to do a doctorate in clinical psychology some time in the near future. 

Studying in London is one of the best decisions you'll make; there are so many opportunities to try everything and gain new experiences!

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