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Throughout the MA and PhD Programmes students are engaged in producing a wide array of collaborative work from the "Live Project" in the two MA studios to the "Group Project" in the Conflicts & Negotiations theory module. 

Learning from Stuart Hall: Exhibition 2014

Learning from Stuart Hall

CRA PhD students created an exhibition that explored the intellectual, activist, and pedagogical contributions of Stuart Hall. Along the ground-floor corridor the students questioned what it means to name a building after a person. On the lower-ground floor the exhibition interrogates the “Research Excellence Framework” which quantifies and evaluates academic outputs, assesses their impacts and ranks the university. These schematised metrics are counter-posed by a broad range of materials drawn from Stuart Hall’s influential career as a founder of cultural studies, teacher, writer, publisher, and activist to raise questions about the nature of the “new academic”.

Michel Feher: The Age of Appreciation 2013-15

Michel Feher: The Age of Appreciation 2013-15

Neoliberalism has defined a brave new capitalist world in which financial markets preside over the allocation of resources. Investors not only reap an exorbitant rent from the production of others, they are also invested with the power to decide what is worth producing. This lecture series argues that the rule of investors proves as transformative of personal motivation and conduct as of corporate management and statecraft. Just as with previous shifts in governing practices, a new representation of human potential and human frailties—a distinctively neoliberal perspective on the human condition—is implicated in the financial turn of capitalism. Listen to the lecture series

Investee Activism Workshop: 2013-15

Investee Activism Workshop 2013-15

The purpose of this workshop (run over the duration of Michel Feher's time at Goldsmiths as Visiting Professor) was to delineate the domain of “investee activism”: identifying the specific mode of social antagonism defined by each financial market—stakeholder activism in the stock market, borrower activism in the bond market, collateral guarantor activism in the derivatives market—surveying the existing cases of social movements predicated on the investor vs. investee nexus, especially in the wake of the real estate and banking crises of 2008 and speculating on the potential development of such activism.