Centre for Research Architecture Students

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MA Students at the Center for Research Architecture

Student work in the Centre explores the intersections between legal frames, territorial divisions, environmental conditions, technoscience and aesthetic regimes as they express themselves within spatial and political contexts. Our research is conducted using various investigative methods but in particular through on-the-ground field-work combined with the use of digital tools for data visualisation, media mapping, terrain modeling, and remote sensing. Philosophic reflection and the production of new concepts are central to developing a dissertation project and in particular its written dimensions.

In conjunction with our longstanding activist concerns around human rights and state violence, areas of current research in the Centre also focus upon "radical ecologies" and ‚Äúdatascapes". Both of which emphasis the degree to which the spatial analysis of contemporary conditions must take into account the emergence of new kinds of political actors (specifically environmental and informatic) in order to evolve new paradigms for theoretical inquiry and critical practice.