Our Roundtable Events


Our PhD Programme is defined by a series of Roundtable seminars which began in 2005. Each Roundtable brings in a new cohort of doctoral students every five years in order to study and work together as a unit.

Roundtables are organised by two-day long seminars which take place each month, and during which students present their field research and writing.

Roundtable four began in 2020—this means that the admission of additional PhD students in following years will be limited. We are particularly interested in supervising dissertation projects that engage with questions of law, human rights and justice as they intersect with spatial considerations and their attendant politics. 

Roundtables are also supplemented by invited guests who bring relevant scholarly knowledge and practices into the Centre. Together these activities combine to create a common conceptual ground for practice and research.

Explore the history of our Roundtables here.