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Position Lecturer In Textiles / Art
Department Art
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Annie Whiles

Annie Whiles works with art as a suspect activity. She is involved in a relationship with a representational language that aims to form a tension between what we might know intuitively and how we might conduct ourselves as contemporary artists and audiences.

She works closely with pictorial devices, to allow for a humorous exchange between the quotidian and the miraculous, between soviet realism and surrealism. She is interested in who magic belongs to, as a kind of cultural lost property. Her work refers to an emblematic language, ceremonial, ritualistic and social artefacts of affiliation in the form of woodcarving, hand embroidery, drawing and film. 

Academic qualifications

  • 2000 M.A. Fine Art Goldsmiths College 
  • 1991 B.A. Hons Sculpture, Wimbledon School of Art, London


Annie served as a lecturer in Fine Art at Goldsmiths for nine years. She previously lectured for Camberwell School of Art's BA Drawing programme, and served as a turor at Nottingham Trent University and Hertfordshire University in BA Fine Art and Scultpure Foundation.

Professional projects

Annie's work has been featured in solo shows at Danielle Arnaud Gallery, Regent Street, Peckham Cinema and Cable Street Gallery in London, as well as in group exhibitions at Collective Gallery in Edinburgh, the Compton Verney 2007 Braziers International Artists Workshop and exhibition, and galleries across London including Camberwell Space, Standpoint Gallery, Museum of Garden History and Voltaire. 



Publications and research outputs


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Exhibition Catalogue

MacDonald, Fiona; Whiles, Annie; Pilkington, Cathie and Ashton, Sean. 2015. Thirteen Blackbirds Look at a Man.

Artist's Book

Whiles, Annie. 2020. Lets Not Talk About It.

Whiles, Annie. 2015. One of The Gapers.

Art Object

Whiles, Annie. 2008. Contemporary Textiles, the Fabric of Fine Art.


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Edited Book

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