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Professor Michael Archer

Professor of Art
m.archer (

Michael is a critic and writer on modern and contemporary art, teaching critical studies, and art and design history.

Photo of Becky Beasley

Becky Beasley

Lecturer in Fine Art (Studio Practice)
b.beasley (

Becky's work has been featured in solo exhibitions in London, Milan, New York, Lisbon and Antwerp.

Photo of Simon Bedwell

Simon Bedwell

Reader in Fine Art
s.bedwell (

Simon’s work has generally been characterised by a sprawling, mouthy, sensuous version of institutional critique.

Photo of Bonnie Camplin

Bonnie Camplin

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art
b.camplin (

As an artist, Bonnie has featured in solo exhibitions at the Tate Britain, Cabinet and the Chisenhale Gallery in London.

Photo of Dr Ele Carpenter

Dr Ele Carpenter

Reader in Curating
e.carpenter (

Ele is a curator and writer in politicised art and social networks of making.

Photo of Dr Claire Makhlouf Carter

Dr Claire Makhlouf Carter

Lecturer in Fine Art
c.carter (

Carter has performed in a range of sites from art openings, cross-channel ferries, seminars, conferences and a welding tent in a chili festival.

Dr John Chilver

Lecturer in Fine Art
j.chilver (

John artwork and writing coalesce around problems of agency, leading him to philosophies of the event and 'the new'.

Photo of Lucy Clout

Lucy Clout

Lecturer in Fine Art
l.clout (

Lucy is an artist working primarily in video. Her practice examines the embodied experience of language, in particular m

Photo of Marion Coutts

Marion Coutts

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art
m.coutts (

Marion is an artist and writer, working with found objects, digital video, film, drawing, sound, text and photography.

Photo of Alison Craighead

Alison Craighead

Lecturer in Fine Art
a.craighead (

Alison collaboratively researches how global communications networks transform the way we understand the world.

Photo of Nick Crowe

Nick Crowe

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art
n.crowe (

Nick’s work primarily concerns the languages of power, its grammar and its rhetoric.

Photo of Dr Nina Danino

Dr Nina Danino

Reader in Fine Art
n.danino (

Dr Nina Danino is an artist and filmmaker, making films centred on self-inscription, the feminine and the subjective voice.

Photo of Paul B. Davis

Paul B. Davis

Lecturer in Fine Art
p.davis (

Paul utilises outdated or obsolete computer technologies to perform specialist interventions in the digital art medium.

Photo of Dr Catherine Grant

Dr Catherine Grant

Senior Lecturer, Critical Studies, Department of Fine Art
c.grant (

Catherine is currently researching the re-enactment of histories of feminism in contemporary art.

Photo of Dr Ros Gray

Dr Ros Gray

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art Practice (Critical Studies)
r.gray (

Ros explores the trajectories of militant filmmaking in relation to liberation struggles and revolutionary movements.

Chris Hammond

Lecturer in Curating
c.hammond (

Chris’ practice as a curator and artist is grounded in the core structure and strategies of the gallery.

Photo of Dr Isobel Harbison

Dr Isobel Harbison

Lecturer (Critical Studies) in Art
i.harbison (

Dr Isobel Harbison is an art historian and critic researching the histories and politics of performance and moving image

Photo of Andy Harper

Andy Harper

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art
a.harper (

Andy’s work has been featured at the Newlyn Art Gallery in Cornwall, Danese in New York, Morgen Contemporary in Berlin.

Ian Hunt

Critical Studies coordinator and lecturer
i.hunt (

Ian teaches in fields of contemporary art, from gender and generational theory to art history and social history.

Professor Stephen Johnstone

Professor in Fine Art
s.johnstone (

Stephen’s work is concerned with the relationship between pre-cinematic spectacle, immersive space and abstract film.

Photo of Alison Jones

Alison Jones

Lecturer in Fine Art
alison.jones (

Alison paintings are figurative physical and gestural, and are imbued with questions of feminism and criticality.

Photo of Dr Susan Kelly

Dr Susan Kelly

Senior Lecturer Fine Art Critical Studies 0.5fte
s.kelly (

Susan is a writer, artist, organiser and educator, who researches the relationships between art and micropolitics.

Photo of Janice Kerbel

Janice Kerbel

Reader in Fine Art
j.kerbel (

Janice works with a range of material including print, type, audio recording and, more recently, light.

Photo of Richard Kirwan

Richard Kirwan

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art
r.kirwan (

Richard’s practice incorporates painting, digital and analogue printmaking, coupled with architectural intervention.

Photo of Professor Kristen Kreider

Professor Kristen Kreider

Professor in Fine Art
K.Kreider (

Kristen is a writer and artist, whose research stems from an interest in the poetics of thought and its materialization.

Photo of Phillip Lai

Phillip Lai

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art (Studio Practice)
p.lai (

Phillip works with objects and sculpture, exhibiting in London, Glasgow, Turin, Berlin and Hong Kong.

Photo of David Mabb

David Mabb

Reader in Art and Programme Leader MFA Fine Art (Studio Practice)
d.mabb (

David Mabb is an artist.

Photo of Dr Suhail Malik

Dr Suhail Malik

Programme Co-Director MFA Fine Art, Reader in Critical Studies
s.malik (

Suhail’s research is on the theme of invention in contemporary European philosophy and critical theory.

Simon Martin

Lecturer in Art
s.martin (

Simon’s work reflects on material culture, with an interest in how we understand ourselves through social structures.

Photo of Dawn Mellor

Dawn Mellor

Lecturer in Fine Art (Studio Practice)
d.mellor (

Dawn’s recent group exhibitions include shows at MOT International and Victoria Miro Gallery in London.

Dr. Sadie Murdoch

Lecturer in Fine Art (Studio Practice)
s.murdoch (

Sadie deploys chromatic anomalies and unstable readings to provide an insight into notions of ‘otherness’.

Photo of Professor Michael Newman

Professor Michael Newman

Professor of Art Writing
m.newman (

Michael is Professor of art writing and has curated exhibitions in Toronto, New York, Edinburgh and London.

Photo of Professor Richard Noble

Professor Richard Noble

Professor in Fine Art
r.noble (

Richard interests are the critical evaluation of contemporary art production and the interrelation of art and politics.

Photo of Kirsty Ogg

Kirsty Ogg

Lecturer in Curating
k.ogg (

Kirsty is Curator at the Whitechapel Gallery, where she has worked on a number of exhibitions and related publications.

Photo of Saskia Olde Wolbers

Saskia Olde Wolbers

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art ( Studio Practice)
vas02sow (

Saskia is a filmmaker using fictional biographies to explore themes of anecdotal science and ecological neuroses.

Photo of Jacqueline Pennell

Jacqueline Pennell

Programme Leader, BA Fine Art Extension Degree
j.pennell (

Installation and sculpture is the focus of Jacqueline's work, which investigates negotiations of space.

Gail Pickering

Reader in Fine Art
g.pickering (

Gail’s work is primarily time-based, including moving image, performance and text.

Photo of Helena Reckitt

Helena Reckitt

Reader in Curating
vas01hr (

Helena is a curator and researcher with international experience developing curatorial and critical research projects.

Photo of Professor Andrew Renton

Professor Andrew Renton

Professor of Curating
a.renton (

Andrew works as a writer and curator, interested in the languages that might be possible in response to the work of art.

Photo of Dr Audrey Samson

Dr Audrey Samson

Head of Digital Arts Computing BSc Lecturer in Fine Arts (Critical Studies)
a.samson (

Audrey Samson is Head of the Digital Arts Computing BSc and a lecturer in Fine Arts (Critical Studies) in the Art Department at Goldsmiths.

Dr Edgar Schmitz

Reader in Fine Art
e.schmitz (

Edgar is an artist and lecturer in critical studies at Goldsmiths, he has also written extensively on contemporary art.

Grace Schwindt

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art
g.schwindt (

Grace’s recent solo exhibitions took place at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver and Site Gallery in Sheffield.

Lindsay Seers

Lecturer in Fine Art
l.seers (

Lindsay's work takes the form of performances, which narrate the histories of her strange transformations.

Photo of Ben Seymour

Ben Seymour

Lecturer in Fine Art
b.seymour (

Ben’s principle areas of research are the relationship between urban regeneration, gentrification and culture.

Dr Simon Sheikh

Reader in Curating, Programme Director
s.sheikh (

Simon researches the modalities and potentialities of curating, relating to exhibition-making and political imaginaries.

Photo of Kate Smith

Kate Smith

Lecturer in Fine Art
k.smith (

Kate Smith's work has been featured in solo exhibitions at Matts Gallery and MOCO in London.

Jemima Stehli

Lecturer in Postgraduate Studies in Art Practice
j.stehli (

Jemima's recent solo exhibitions have been in London, Milan, Lisbon and Vienna.

Milly Thompson

Lecturer in Fine Art
milly.thompson (

Milly uses wall-sculpture/painting, print, text and performance to imagine the relation between commodity and pleasure.

Photo of Bernard Walsh

Bernard Walsh

Senior Lecture and Senior Tutor
b.walsh (

Bernard is an artist whose practice has evolved through a continuous play with words, still and moving images.

Photo of Roxy Walsh

Roxy Walsh

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art Practice (Studio Practice)
r.walsh (

Roxy’s wall paintings are simple geometric shapes whose forms/lines/edges are extrapolated from architectural oddities.

Photo of Annie Whiles

Annie Whiles

Lecturer In Textiles / Art
a.whiles (

Annie works with pictorial devices to allow for a humorous exchange between the quotidian and the miraculous.

Photo of Laura White

Laura White

Reader in Fine Art
l.white (

Laura focusses on interactions with materials and objects, exploring ideas of value, profile, association, and meaning.

Photo of Dr Gilda Williams

Dr Gilda Williams

Lecturer, MA Curating
g.williams (

Gilda is interested in the collective process among artists, curators, writers, academics, collectors, and museums.