Jacqueline Pennell

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Position Programme Leader, BA Fine Art Extension Degree
Department Art
Email j.pennell (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7694
Jacqueline Pennell

Installation and sculpture is the focus for much of Jacqueline's work in which investigations into the visual and conceptual negotiation of space have initiated developments into the exploration and interaction of the viewer with the work and the potential for addressing the processes of art practice. This has begun to be explored in the interactive series of works Space for Children.

Jacqueline's recent outputs include public exhibitions in galleries such as Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Musee des Beaux Arts, Dunkerque and Royal West of England Academy, Bristol. Articles on her work have been published in international papers and journals such as Art Monthly, The Independent, World Sculpture News and Sculpture (International Sculpture Centre, USA). As a curator Jacqueline has worked with Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art co-curating Species of Spaces in 2002.

Academic qualifications

  • 1992-93 MA in Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art & Design
  • 1981-84 BA(Hons) in Fine Art, Goldsmiths
  • 1980-81 Foundation in Art & Design, Bedford College of Higher Education


Jacqueline has worked as a lecturer for Goldsmith's Fine Art programme since 2000, after working as a visiting tutor for the department and the college's certificate access course in Art & Design in previous years. She is simultaneously serving as a sessional lecturer for the University for the Creative Arts at Canterbury.

Prior to arriving at Goldsmiths, Jacqueline worked as an associate lecturer at Chelsea College of Art and Design and Camberwell College of the Arts, as well as for the University of Ulster's School of Art as a visiting tutor. For ten years, she worked as an invited lecturer and visiting tutor at the Royal College of Art, Bedford College of Higher Education, Architectural Association, Middlesex University, Central St. Martins, and Wimbledon School of Art and Design, among others.

Professional projects

Jacqueline's work has been featured in solo exhibitions at Whitechapel Open, the Economist Plaza, and the M2 Gallery in London, as well as internationally at Museum Van Nagsael in Rotterdam and Unwahr Gallery in Berlin. She served as an artist in residence at the Serpentine Gallery and Eurocreation, Paris, and in 1990 she won the Best Set of the Year Award for her work on 'The Fall of Lucas Fortune' for the Insomniac Theatre Company.

She has been commission by the Fine Art Consultancy in London for a Railfreight UK wall sculpture and by the New Academy Gallery Business Art Galleries for two wall sculptures of Coca-Cola and Schweppes. She has produced a video anthology for the National Danish Film Board and the television programme 'The Undiscovered Country' for Untelevision 3.

She has additionally performed as a member of the Matthew Collins' band Interspecies Love Child on the cello and for The Kreutzer Quintet.



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