Dr Claire Makhlouf Carter

Carter has performed in a range of sites from art openings, cross-channel ferries, seminars, conferences and a welding tent in a chili festival.

Staff details

Dr Claire Makhlouf Carter


Programme Leader BA Fine Art




c.carter (@gold.ac.uk)

Claire Makhlouf Carter’s performance events, which highlight the problems of labour relations and power dynamics in social situations, have employed temporary / delegated workers such as sniffer dogs, cloakroom attendants, military mercenaries, fairground workers, mafrish owners, forensic psycho-physiologists and carpet pickers. Carter has performed in a range of sites from art openings, cross-channel ferries, seminars, conferences and a welding tent in a chili festival. Methods are performed and made transparent in her scripts.

Academic qualifications

  • 2011 - 2006, Ph.D by Practice Fine Art, Royal College of Art
    Does She Stink? How do you engage with work which rejects the complacency of shared experience and benign relationships; and how do you document the invisible worker, the antagonist or even the stink of your own fear.
  • 1994 - 1993, M.A. Fine Art, University of Central England
  • 1988 - 1985, B.A. (Hons) Fine Art, Birmingham Polytechnic
  • 1985 - 1984, Foundation Art & Design, Hastings College of Art and Technology


Now - 2012: Goldsmiths University of London
Claire Makhlouf Carter is currently the Programme Leader (studio) for BA Fine Art & Art History

Prior to working at Goldsmiths Carter worked as a visiting lecturer in a range of Universities including Ruskin School of Art; Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, Winchester School of Art and Southwark College London.

Carter has given artist’s presentations / participated in seminars at:
Sheffield Hallam University; Newcastle University; Kingston University; Royal College of Art; Chelsea School of Art; Buckingham & Chiltern University College; Wimbledon School of Art; Hertfordshire University; Camberwell School of Art.

Area of supervision

Carter has supervised PhD students at Oxford University and Royal Central School of Speech & Drama and has acted as an internal examiner for Goldsmiths College.

Professional projects

  • 2018 London Conference in Critical Thought, Disruptions, Interventions, Liminalities: Critical Performative Pedagogies
  • 2018 BITTER LUCKY DIP – Performance Event: with Georgie Chapman, Kitty McKay and George Reiner
  • 2017 Elizabeth Curates: Hayward Touring: DEMO TOURING TEENAGERS
    June 2017 - Oct 2016, The Whitworth, Manchester
    May 2017 - Aug 2017, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea
  • 2015 - Contemporary Arts Talk Goldsmiths University London: BITTER LUCKY DIP, performance lecture
  • 2015 House (Cornerhouse), Manchester: DEMO SAFE, performance event with publication
  • 2015 Birmingham Show Eastside Projects, Birmingham: DEMO SKOYLES
  • 2014 Tate Modern, Learning Resource: DEMO DISTRACTION, Devised and curated and by Natasha Kidd and Jo Addison to produce Noticer: A Live Resource for Tate’s International Summer School
  • 2014 Royal Central School of Speech & Drama: DEMO DELEGATION, Organised by Rachel Cockburn
  • 2014 DIG London, DEMO KHAT, Organised by Nick Jaffe and Mark Lewis
  • 2014 Records Office, Old Police Cells, Brighton: SPV Ltd – Subcell. Curated by Rosie Hermon
  • 2014 Diep~haven Cross-Channel contemporary Art Festival, Curated by Alice Schÿler Mallet
    Cross Channel Ferry - Dieppe and Newhaven
    SPV Ltd (In Between) - Providers of a Tax Haven
  • 2013 Institutional Loser Conference, CSSD, University of London, DEMO KHAT, Curated by Rachel Cockburn
  • 2013 LUPA EVENT, Lock Up Performance Art, SPV Ltd - Providers of a Tax Haven, Curated by Aaron Williamson, Jordan McKenzie, Kate Mahony and Rachel Dowle
  • 2013 QUARE Gazebo, SPV Ltd - Providers of a Tax Haven
  • 2013 Trade Gallery Nottingham, Heckler ‘Contract with a Heckler’, Curated by Mel Jordan, Collaboration with Lee Campbell
  • 2013 Creative Arts and Creative Industries: Collaboration in Practice, Manchester Metropolitan University and Kingston University, ‘Contract with a Heckler’ Collaboration with Lee Campbell
  • 2013   Beyond the authority of the ‘text’: performance as paradigm, past and present, Interdisciplinary Research Group CRAASH, University of Cambridge, Collaboration with Lee Campbell
  • 2013 The Bad Document: Document as Antagonist : A Contract with a Heckler, The Performing Documents Conference, University of Bristol & Arnolfini Gallery, Collaboration with Lee Campbell 
  • 2013 Slap sticking and Slippage: A contract with a Heckler, Colloquium of Performance Research, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London. A collaborative work focusing on a participation contract issued from Claire Makhlouf Carter to Lee Campbell
  • 2013 Performance: Anthology Live, Camden Arts Centre, DEMO KHAT, A film and performance event. Collaboration with Hélène Martin, Mustafa and JC.
  • 2012 The Scene Changes to an Empty Room, De Fabriek, Eindhoven, Netherlands, Curated by Laurie Cluitmans and Wijnand de Jonge. Funded by Bkkc (het Brabant’s kenniscentrum kunst en cultuur) and the Gemeente Eindhoven (Eindhoven’s city council)
  • 2012 Confrontational Perspectives ‘Again, A Time Machine’, The Showroom Gallery, Devised and directed by Gavin Everall and Jane Rolo, Book Works. 
  • 2011 Katrina Palmer presents: dubious objects and made-up texts, readings and performances with Claire Makhlouf Carter, Stewart Home, Jefford Horrigan and Francesco Pedraglio, Transmission Gallery, Scotland, DEMO SELL-OUT
  • 2011 The Hole, London, DEMO WALWORTH ROAD, Devised and directed by Simon Bedwell
  • 2011 DEMO ST. LEONARDS-ON-SEA, The Lido, St. Leonards-on-Sea, Orchestrated an event for an art opening, including a text work ‘Day Trip St.Leonards-on-Sea’ Text work in Art Monthly, 2011
  • 2010 DEMO BAMBI, Research Show Royal College of London RCA, Devised and directed by Elizabeth Price. 
  • 2010 Performance Nights DEMO ARAD, Barbican Gallery, Curated for the Ron Arad exhibition by Vanessa Carlos
  • 2010 Antagonistic Scribe, Howie St Project Space RCA, Performed the role of an antagonistic scribe at a symposia with interlocutors -
    Phyllida Barlow, Katie Mitchell and Adrian Rifkin. Performance Intervention
  • 2010 Katrina Palmer in converstation with Claire Makhlouf Carter, DEMO SEMINAR, Newcastle University 
  • 2010 Le Sept Jours Weekend DEMO KRISTEL, L’École des Beaux-Arts, Paris, Curated by Clare Carolin, L’École des Beaux-Arts
  • 2009 Sinpodium (symposium), The Museum of English Rural Life, Reading, Curated by Neil Chapman & David Stent, Reading University. Performance Lecture
  • 2009 DEMO CHELSEA, Chelsea College of Art, Performance Lecture. Organised by Jo Bruton


  • 2015 Transactions of Desire Vol 2: Are you allergic to the 21st century? HOME
    DEMO SAFE - script and relevant documents
  • 2015 DEMO KHAT Invisible Books ed: Bridget Penney
    script and accompanying documents
  • 2013 The Scene Changes to an Empty Room, De Fabriek Online Publication, Laurie Cluitmans
  • 2012 Bring The Dead Back To Life: Again A Time Machine: From Distribution to Archive, edited by Gavin Everall & Jane Rollo, Book Works
    DEMO PENFOLD STREET - script and accompanying documents
  • 2010 The Hole (Week 3) Simon Bedwell publication
  • 2010 The Seven Day Weekend Beaux Arts de Paris les editions
  • 2010 GOB (Ed). Margarita Gluzberg, Royal College of Art
  • 2007 - 1997 Moving Targets: User's Guide, British Art Now, Louisa Buck
  • 2001 Slimvolume Publication, Andrew Hunt Poster Edition (slimvolume.org)
  • 2001 Contemporary Visual Arts March (Counter exhibition review)
  • 2001 Counter, Catalogue, Malcolm Quinn
  • 2000 Contemporary Visual Arts, Roy Exley (issue 30)
  • 2000 Girl, Catalogue, Walsall New Art Gallery ed: Angela Kingston

Publications and research outputs


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Artist's Book

Carter, Claire Makhlouf. 2015. DEMO KHAT.

Conference or Workshop Item

Carter, Claire Makhlouf. 2016. 'DEMO BITTER LUCKY DIP'. In: DEMO BITTER LUCKY DIP. Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom 3 February 2016, 29 June 2018.

Art Object

Carter, Claire Makhlouf; Noonan-Ganley, Joseph and Wakeford, Nina. 2022. DEMO PHOENIX.

Book Section

Carter, Claire Makhlouf. 2020. DEMO CHELSEA#. In: Lee Campbell, ed. Leap into Action: Critical Performative Pedagogies in Art & Design Education. New York: Peter Lang, pp. 127-152. ISBN 9781433166402

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