Ben Seymour

Ben’s principle areas of research are the relationship between urban regeneration, gentrification and culture.

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Ben Seymour


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Ben Seymour's principle areas of research are: 1) the relationship between urban regeneration, gentrification and culture which he has explored in films, articles and visual essays, and 2) the culture and politics of contemporary capitalism from social precariousness and creative economy ideology, to art and financialisation. In addition to teaching, Ben is a writer and deputy editor of Mute magazine.

Professional projects

Ben's films about gentrification, particularly in the London borough of Hackney, have attracted international attention and been screened at The Other Cinema, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Leeds International Festival and galleries, local community screenings and events in UK, Spain, Amsterdam and NYC.

He has been invited to speak on issues from utopian potentialities to the consequences of capital at the Goethe Institute's Serpentine Gallery Sweathshop, Soho Theatre and the Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow among others. In 2003, he co-programmed a screening of three films on gentrification at The Other Gallery in Hackney, where his film 'The London Particular' debuted. 

He has helped establish and coordinate reading groups on Marx's Capital and contemporary capitalism in Hackney and Brooklyn.

Publications and research outputs


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Conference or Workshop Item

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