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hannah.jones (@gold.ac.uk)

HCJ is a multidisciplinary artist and multi-instrumentalist broadcasting beyond institutional walls.

Dr Hannah Catherine Jones is a multidisciplinary artist, multi-instrumentalist, researcher, educator, broadcaster, DJ, composer, conductor and founder of Peckham Chamber Orchestra (est. 2013) - a radical community ensemble, and of Chiron Choir (est. 2022) - a queer diasporic vocal group. Jones utilises this broad skillset in various combinations to destabilise institutional hierarchies and disintegrate boundaries between artistic disciplines as part of a decolonial praxis centred around healing (individually and collectively) through sonic vibrations.

Jones’ ongoing body of work 'The Oweds' exist as multi-layered, multichannel, audio and audiovisual episode-compositions, articulated through oral-aural polyvocal and polyphonic dialogues, utilising various (tuning and healing) frequencies, emitted through various live performances, pre-records/mixes, often broadcast via her monthly NTS radio slot The Opera Show.

Academic qualifications

  • DPhil Art | Oxford University | The Ruskin School of Art 2021
  • MFA Fine Art | Goldsmiths College 2012
  • BFA Fine Art | Oxford University | The Ruskin School of Art 2010

Research interests

Jones’ exceptionally broad praxis is connected by a central spine of decolonisation – each intertwined strand of creative output seeks to ask: how can we destabilise, disrupt and dismantle the status quo? How can voices who have been historically excluded from discourses be placed at the centre? How can diasporic folx utilise vibrations-frequencies-sound-music as part of individual and collective healing practices? How can these practices be sustained – with regularity and longevity - within late-capitalism?

Dr. Jones has performed and exhibited widely, internationally, including presenting UPRISINGS (troppo lento) (20-min multi-channel sound work) at National Gallery (2023-24), Owed to Diaspora(s) (40-minute 2-channel video / 9-channel sound work) at National Art School of Sydney as part of NIRIN - 22nd Biennial of Sydney (2020), the solo show Owed to Chiron (The Wounded Healer) featuring 16 of Jones’ artworks in London (2022) and has had numerous live events throughout the past year including at Cafe Oto, ICA, London Jazz Festival, National Gallery, Rivoli Ballroom, amongst others. @foxymoron87

Research projects

Owed to Mimesis
My upcoming audio visual artwork generaously supported by Goldsmiths

Media engagements

2020: Owed to Diaspora(s)
Exhibited as part of NIRIN Sydney's 22nd Bienniel, Owed to Diaspora(s) was presented as a 48-minute 2-channel video with 9-channel sound work at Sydney's National Art School - March-September 2020