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Lucy Clout

Lucy Clout is a London based artist working primarily in video. Her practice examines the embodied experience of language, in particular minor-speech (disposable or insignificant), to think about sickness and pleasure. Lucy understands her works as kinds of ‘home movie’ — they are not essays or arguments but collages of tone, building upon deep histories of diaristic, queer, feminist film-making.

Recent solo exhibitions include Humber Street Gallery 2020 and Cubitt Gallery 2019. She was the artist in residence for Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival 2018 and won the Jerwood/Film and Video Umbrella award in 2015.

Her videos are distributed by LUX

Academic qualifications

  • Royal College of Art, MA Sculpture. 2009
  • Goldsmiths College, BA Fine Art 2004

Publications and research outputs


Clout, Lucy. 2019. A Symptom. In: "A Symptom", Cubitt Gallery, United Kingdom, 8 March - 14 April 2019.

Clout, Lucy. 2019. Flatness 2. In: "Flatness",, 2019.

Clout, Lucy. 2018. Solvent Magazine. In: "Solvent Magazine", Gymnasium Gallery, United Kingdom, 1st April 2018 to 24th Spetember 2018.

Clout, Lucy. 2016. Warm Bath, Exhibition, Limoncello Galley. In: "Warm Bath", Limoncello Gallery, United Kingdom, 10 March - 16 April 2016.

Clout, Lucy. 2015. What Will They See of Me. In: "What Will They See Of Me", Jerwood Space, United Kingdom, 11 March - 26 April 2015.

Art Object

Clout, Lucy. 2020. ZZZ.


Clout, Lucy. 2019. Nurses 2.

Clout, Lucy. 2019. Nurses.

Clout, Lucy. 2016. Warm Bath.

Clout, Lucy. 2015. From Our Own Correspondent.

Clout, Lucy. 2014. The Extra's Ever-Moving Lips.

Clout, Lucy. 2013. Shrugging Offing.

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