Elle Reynolds

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Elle Reynolds


Programme Leader, Graduate Diploma in Art




e.reynolds (@gold.ac.uk)

Alternative pedagogies, collaborative and informal spaces for learning

Elle Reynolds, a scholar, researcher, and quiet disrupter, brings a wealth of experience in teaching and management within the realm of art education. However, she refuses to be confined by institutional boundaries, constantly challenging and subverting to reshape educational paradigms. Applying alternative art pedagogies to consider alternative social, political and economic forms and actions that could inform a sustainable and reimagined art education eco-system.

Elle’s practice involves activating objects and materials imbued with inherent potentials, utilising them as tools for pedagogical disruption. The work builds on polyfocal theories developed through collaborative workshops. This encompasses the mapping and enactment of spaces through performative lectures, printed materials, talks, and publications while also employing three protagonist roles as interlocutors.

Research interests

Elle is a member of the collaborative project, No Telos, which was part of the Research Pavilion, Venice 2019. Additionally her work has been exhibited and performed at locations, art spaces and galleries, in Estonia, Italy, Romania, Spain and the United Kingdom. Elle is currently PhD researcher at Nottingham Trent University and on the board of Directors for TOMA, (The Other MA), Southend on Sea.