Dr Vikki Chalklin

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Lecturer in Critical Studies




v.chalklin (@gold.ac.uk)

Vikki is a writer, performer, scholar, and educator interested in bodies, affects, and queer culture.

Dr Vikki Chalklin is a performer, activist and scholar based in London. Their research interests are primarily located at the intersection of queer theory, body theory and visual culture and performance studies, investigating what considerations of affect, relationality and embodied subjectivity can bring to the study of art, performance and queer cultural production.

Alongside teaching and academic research, their performance practice works to blur the boundaries between their creative and scholarly worlds, giving cabaret-style performances of academic work at conferences, and performance lectures at queer performance and cabaret clubs.

Projects currently in development examine fat activism and performance, the relationship between queer and feminist pornography and histories of performance and body art, and the subversive possibilities of queer clowning.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD, 'Performing Queer Selves: Embodied Subjectivity and Affect in Queer Performance Spaces Duckie, Bird Club and Wotever World', Goldsmiths. 2012
  • MA Media & Communications, Goldsmiths University of London. 2007
  • BA (Hons) English Literature, Lancaster Univerisity 2006
  • Postgraduate Certificate: Management of Learning and Teaching In Higher Education, Goldsmiths University of London 2014

Research interests

My research interests include queer performance and cultural production; the crossover between art and activism; embodiment, affect, and subjectivity; fat activism and fat studies; marginalised and minoritarian forms of performance and live art; mental health, trauma, and the therapeutic effects of creativity and art making.

Publications and research outputs


Lloyd, Joda; Chalklin, Victoria and Bond, Frank W.. 2019. Psychological Processes Underlying the Impact of Gender-Related Discrimination on Psychological Distress in Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 66(5), pp. 550-563. ISSN 0022-0167

Chalklin, Victoria. 2016. Obstinate Fatties: fat activism, queer negativity, and the celebration of ‘obesity’. Subjectivity, 9(2), pp. 107-125. ISSN 1755-6341

Chalklin, Victoria and Mulvey, Marianne. 2016. Towards a Performative Trans-Pedagogy: Critical Approaches for Learning and Teaching in Art and Performance. Performance Matters, 2(1), pp. 62-77. ISSN 2369-2537

Book Section

Chalklin, Victoria. 2015. All Hail the Fierce Fat Femmes. In: Caroline Walters and Helen Hester, eds. Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism. London: Ashgate. ISBN 9781472432544