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Simon Bedwell

Simon Bedwell has made posters, sculpture, publications, exhibitions, paintings and videos, both alone and with other artists (the London art group BANK 1991-2003), generally characterized by a sprawling, polemical, sensuous, vulgar and snarky attitude towards art, politics, art-politics and the politics of art. Recent solo shows include SOCIETY, a 2017 Hospitalfield commission and NO at Piper Keys 2016. His work had been exhibited at Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Musee d’Art Moderne Paris, Saatchi gallery, ICA London, CCA Glasgow, Transmission Glasgow, Catalyst Belfast, Treize Paris, Drawing Center New York, Rental Los Angeles, Whitechapel London, Studio Voltaire London, White Columns New York and Piccadilly Underground concourse.

Academic qualifications

  • MA Fine Art, Goldsmiths 1993
  • Post-graduate Printmaking Diploma, Brighton University, 1989–1991
  • BA Fine Art (Painting), St Martins School of Art, 1983-1986


5/2 days per week since 2000:
BA Fine Art 2010 to date; MFA 2007-2010; BA Fine Art 2000-2007
Lecturer in Photography, Kent Institute of Art and Design, 1997-2000
Visiting lecturer, Brighton University MA Fine Art, 1996-2002; UEL 1998-2000.


Professional projects

  • 2016 - In a Dream I Saw a Way to Survive and I Was Full of Joy, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester;
  • 2014 - First and Last Men Ha Gamle, Stavanger, Norway; Paradigm Store Howick Place, London
  • 2013 - The Banquet Years:Relics and Archives, Mgk Elaine, Basel; The Banquet Years Motinternational, London
  • 2012 - To Start with, Let's Remove the Colour, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin, Eire; Bank Self Portrait: Relics and Archives Treize, Paris
  • 2012 - The Weight of Living Motinternational, London; Writer in Residence Ormeston House, Limerick, Eire
  • 2011 - The Hole the Hole, London; Cabaret Ramin Barquet, New York; We Are Grammar Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York
  • 2010  - Tublic Service Announcement Invisible Exports, New York; East End Promise: Shoreditch 1985-2000; La Belle Dame sans Merci Vegas
  • 2010 - Rude Brittannia: British Comic Art Tate Britain, London; Grand National: Art from Britain Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Norway
  • 2010 - So Be It: Interventions in Printed Matter Roth, Ny; Gallery, Galerie, Galleria Norma Mangione Gallery, Turin
  • 2009 - Painter of the Hole Mot International, London
  • 2009 - Asphalt World Studio Voltaire, London

Featured publications

As is typical of lo-fi publications often associated with art exhibitions, these do not have ISBN status:

  • The Hole, xerox, 2011, issues 1-5; quotes with photographs with contributions from featured artists Katrina Palmer, Alice Channer, Laure Prouvost, Claire Carter, Leah Capaldi, Tom Benson, Lodovico Pignatti-Morano, Phillip Lai.
  • BANK; Black Dog Press 2000
  • The Bank; xerox, 1996-1997, issues 1 - 34; tabloids 1-9 accompanying the exhibition Viper/BANK TV, one to accompany Life/Live at Musee d'Art Moderne, Paris 1997, the remainder as part of Sewage Lust, a show at the ICA London 1997, editorial and contributions from Matt Mitchell, Simon Martin, Tracey Emin, Graham Ramsay, Jake Chapman, and many more
  • Photo-book catalogues to accompany the shows Space International (1992), Wish you Were Here (1994), Zombie Golf (1995), The Charge of the Light Brigade (1995) and Fuck Off! (1996).

Publications and research outputs


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Art Object

Bedwell, Simon A.; Thompson, Amelia and Russell, John. 1998. Fax-Back.


Bedwell, Simon A.. 11 February - 5 September 2009 RANK: Picturing the social order 1516 - 2009.

Bedwell, Simon A.. 2009. Asphalt World.

Bedwell, Simon A.. 15 January - 15 February 2009 Asphalt World.