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Position Lecturer in Fine Art
Department Art
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Professor Richard Noble

Richard Noble's research interests are concentrated in three areas: the critical evaluation of contemporary art production, critical theory and the interrelation of art and politics. 

Richard's main area of scholarly interest is in visual art that engages in one way or another with the political; he is interested in the political impact of visual art and also the boundaries between aesthetics and politics. His interests are primarily philosophical, but over the course of the last four years he has written about a fairly wide range of artists as well as the theoretical problems associated with art and politics.

He is currently working on three projects: a reader for Whitechapel Projects/MIT Press on Utopias; an introduction to art theory; and an essay on the Spanish artist Cristina Iglesias.

Academic qualifications

  • 1980 B.A. (Politics) University of British Columbia
  • 1982 M.Sc. (Political Philosophy) London School of Economics
  • 1987 Ph.D. London School of Economics


Richard lectures in contemporary art history and criticism. He supervises undergraduate work and postgraduate dissertations in critical theory on art and politics aesthetics. 

Research Interests

Contemporary Art and Artists
Critical Theory
Art and Politics
Political Philosophy


Book Section

Stillness, Movement, Space
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‘Tierra de pájaros / Birdland’
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‘Access for All, Freedom for the Few’
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Exhibition Catalogue

The lure of utopia
Noble, Richard. 2009. The lure of utopia.

Edited Book

Liquid Sculpture: The Public Art of Cristina Iglesias
Noble, Richard and Blazwick, Iwona, eds. 2020. Liquid Sculpture: The Public Art of Cristina Iglesias. Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz.