Dr John Chilver

Staff details

Position Lecturer in Fine Art
Department Art
Email j.chilver (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7717 2217

John Chilver's artwork and writing coalesce around problems of agency. These problems lead him to philosophies of the event and questions of how 'the new' appears at all.

He gives consideration to specific contemporary contingencies in his work, including the commodification of dissent/critique; the ontological violence of dis-incarnation instituted by networks; and the composing of space as placelessness.

John's artwork operates mostly as para-painting. In various guises, it entertains an obsession with line and its modalities: as corridor, path, thread, vector; as bar, limb, stump; as edge; as axis; as cut. These then enable the works to generate semantic modalities such as connectedness/ separateness, movement/ simultaneity, and containment/ non-containment.

Professional projects

John's work has been featured in solo exhibitions in London, New York and Venice, and in group exhibitions around the world, including the Tattoo Show in London (2001) and the Wedding Show in New York (2001).


Book Section

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If Display Becomes Materiality
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Morandi with Heidegger
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'On DJ Simpson', a dialogue with Dave Beech
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The Discursive Array: Towards a Politics of Painting as Time-Space Production
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Review of Padraig Timoney, 'Fontwell Helix Feely'
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John Chilver at Xero, Kline & Coma
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Parts and Labour (Osan)
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Parts and Labour (3 Hours Minimum Wage)
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John Chilver
Chilver, John. 2009. John Chilver. In: "John Chilver", Keith Talent Gallery, London, United Kingdom, 17 June - 1 Aug 2009.

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John Chilver
Chilver, John. 2001. John Chilver. In: "John Chilver", Casey Kaplan, New York, 9/7/2001 - 10/10/2001.

Art Object

Richard Norris teaching the remedial class in political economy and sound workshop
Chilver, John. 2018. Richard Norris teaching the remedial class in political economy and sound workshop.

Banner paintings
Chilver, John. 2018. Banner paintings.

The Dream's Dream, 2017
Chilver, John. 2017. The Dream's Dream, 2017.

Chilver, John. 2016. 6R-K-M8.

Chilver, John. 2015. WLSX7834.

Chilver, John. 2014. 6R-K-M5.

Chilver, John. 2013. HLA213109XA.

Tuesdays in August
Chilver, John. 2013. Tuesdays in August.

Sequence 328987
Chilver, John. 2013. Sequence 328987.

The Dancers 3
Chilver, John. 2013. The Dancers 3.

Conference or Workshop Item

John Chilver in conversation with Emily Rosamond
Chilver, John and Rosamond, Emily. 2018. 'John Chilver in conversation with Emily Rosamond'. In: John Chilver in conversation with Emily Rosamond. Xero, Kline and Coma, London, United Kingdom 22 July, 2018.

Transposing Genre, Translating Style
Chilver, John. 2018. 'Transposing Genre, Translating Style'. In: Painting and Transposition. University of Worcester, United Kingdom 6th February 2018.

If Surface is the Condition
Chilver, John. 2016. 'If Surface is the Condition'. In: Surface Values: Locating Conditions. University of Reading, United Kingdom 10/ 06/ 2016.

Art and Number
Chilver, John. 2012. 'Art and Number'. In: The New Numeracy. Dept of Sociology, Goldsmiths, London, United Kingdom 17/2/2012.

Miss the Start, Miss the End
Chilver, John. 2010. 'Miss the Start, Miss the End'. In: Space, Time and the Image. APT Gallery, London, United Kingdom 14 May 2010.

'Painting as a Technology'
Chilver, John; Malik, Suhail; Harris, Jane; Stubbs, Michael; Cooke, Nigel and Brown, Glenn. 2004. ''Painting as a Technology''. In: ‘Painting, Specifically’. Serpentine Gallery, London, United Kingdom.