Dr John Chilver

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Lecturer in Fine Art




j.chilver (@gold.ac.uk)

John Chilver is an artist and writer who works with painting, film and text.

John Chilver is an artist and writer who uses painting as a site of inquiry. In his work, painting is understood as a hazardous pleasure and a means to render complexity. His images adapt additive and subtractive processes to contrast moments of recognition with areas of indeterminacy and latency. In recent works, varieties of instruction are described and collided with varieties of affect. The depiction of text is used to embody instruction and to interrupt the visual. His work values emblems of conflicted experience.

Research interests

Contemporary painting; theorisations of agency and of the new; theorisations of subject-formation; the political and affective economies of painting; conceptual and postconceptual art; colour and its failed theorisations; contemporary and modern art; art theory, art criticism and their histories; display and exhibition-making and its histories; oscillations between anthropological and normative understandings of art; theorisations of space and place.

Publications and research outputs

Book Section

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Art Object

Chilver, John. 2018. Richard Norris teaching the remedial class in political economy and sound workshop.

Chilver, John. 2018. Banner paintings.

Chilver, John. 2017. The Dream's Dream, 2017.

Conference or Workshop Item

Chilver, John and Rosamond, Emily. 2018. 'John Chilver in conversation with Emily Rosamond'. In: John Chilver in conversation with Emily Rosamond. Xero, Kline and Coma, London, United Kingdom 22 July, 2018.

Chilver, John. 2018. 'Transposing Genre, Translating Style'. In: Painting and Transposition. University of Worcester, United Kingdom 6th February 2018.

Chilver, John. 2016. 'If Surface is the Condition'. In: Surface Values: Locating Conditions. University of Reading, United Kingdom 10/ 06/ 2016.

Edited Journal

Chilver, John and Hunt, Andrew, eds. 2022. Journal of Contemporary Painting, Vol 8:1; Special Issue: ‘Minor Painting’, Journal of Contemporary Painting, 8(1-2). 2052-6695


Chilver, John. 2005. Gestural Ethics: Consequences of the Mark in Contemporary Painting. Doctoral thesis, Goldsmiths, University of London