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Position Reader in Fine Art
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Gail Pickering's work is primarily time-based, including moving image, performance and text. A key element of the work is the use of historical material, not just in its literal appropriation but in its appearance as staged through voice, mimicry, interruption and through the various accomplices and protagonists with whom she has worked in her videos and performances. The tension between the moving image and live presence offers an instability that recurs throughout her work in a desire to position it and us within a temporal and spatial present.

Academic qualifications

  • MA Fine Art, Goldsmiths, 2001


Gail speaks regularly on her practice in 2013 at Slade School of Art, the Royal Academy Schools, Edinburgh College of Art and the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford. She is currently an external examiner on the MFA programme at Glasgow School of Art.

Professional projects

Gail's work has been exhibited widely, most recently in the British Art Show 7, Hayward Gallery and touring in 2011 and performances at the ICA, London and Arnolfini, Bristol in 2012.

Since 2008 her work has been shown in public galleries and museums including: Tate Modern; South London Gallery; Centre of Contemporary Art, Vilnius, Lithuania; Magasin Centre for Contemporary Art, Grenoble, France; Kunstverien Stuttgart, Germany; Gasworks and the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

In 2009 she received a Scottish Arts Council Fellowship as artist-in-residence at Cove Park, Scotland and in 2007 an Arts Council of England International Fellowship to Beijing, China. She was awarded a Film London FLAMIN production award in 2013 for a new long-form film and commissioned by the ICA and Channel Four to make a short film for the 'Random Acts' series. Pickering has recently had two major solo exhibitions at La Ferme Du Buission, Paris, 2014 and the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, 2014-15.

Publications and research outputs


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Art Object

Pickering, Gail. 2014. She was a Visitor [installation].

Pickering, Gail. 2014. Near Real Time [three-channel video installation].

Pickering, Gail. 2014. Karaoke [two-channel video installation].

Pickering, Gail. 2008. Zulu Speaking in Radical Tongues.


Pickering, Gail. 2013. Random Acts, Karaoke.


Pickering, Gail. 2016. I blink my eyes to keep the time [for Random Acts].

Pickering, Gail. 2014. Near Real Time [single-screen].

Pickering, Gail. 2013. Karaoke [for Random Acts].