Student research projects


Clare Stanhope

Clare is currently studying for her PhD in Arts Practice and Learning at the Centre for The Arts and Learning. Prior to this she received a BA in Scenic Art from Rose Bruford College and an MA in Artist Teacher and Contemporary Practice from Goldsmiths University London. She is also a practicing artist and teacher working in secondary education in South East London.

Her current research looks at the agency of matter as central to the process of art making and the agency of skin as a focus of the research. Drawing upon feminist epistemologies and Deleuzian research methodologies, is the belief that the creative process provides insights that are not always initially seen that drives her research; a ‘thinking through’ art practices. Through investigations of how western drawing structures permeate into the ideals and structures of viewed female perfection both in art and contemporary media, the research discusses how these ideals resonate and debilitate the everyday movements and ownership of the young female skin. Mapped creative encounters support the aggravation of these traditional feminine skins to develop and create a feminist skin.

Supervisors: Rebecca Coleman and Dr Anna Hickey-Moody

Other current PhD in practice students are:

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Kimberley Foster
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