About the Centre of the Body

The Centre of the Body bring together scholars and practitioners from the humanities, social sciences and the arts who are working on and with the body.

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Studying the body beyond its scientific sphere has gained great prominence in the last few decades. It has been increasingly established that disciplines such as the arts, history of medicine, medical anthropology and philosophy of medicine provide aspects of enquiry and interpretation that are valuable not only within and across these disciplines, but are also applicable for health professionals.

Meanwhile the study of the body in its cultural meanings overarches many arts forms and humanities studies, whilst ways in which artists and scientists have begun to work together on issues of the body suggests the dawning of a new interdisciplinarity that focuses on the body itself.

The Centre of the Body was established in 2012 and is co-directed by Anna Furse (Theatre and Performance) and Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim (History), in collaboration with the Advisory Board: Monica Greco (Sociology), Lisa Blackman (Media and Communications) and Sophie Day (Anthropology).

The rationale behind its establishment was the gap of an inter-disciplinary multicultural Centre with a focus on the Body incorporating scholars and practitioners from the humanities, social sciences and the arts.

Building on the breadth and wealth of research and artistic activity at Goldsmiths around aspects of the body, one of the initial main objectives of the Centre is to nurture synergies between colleagues working in different disciplines. These will include scholars, artists and members of the health profession community, both within the college and beyond.

The Centre has curated talks, symposia and created productions with Anna Furse's company Athletes of the Heart.

For enquiries email: centreofthebody (@gold.ac.uk)