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Building on the breadth and wealth of research activity at Goldsmiths around aspects of the body, one of the main objectives of the Centre is to nurture synergies between colleagues working in different disciplines through public events.

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Anna Furse Performs An Anatomy Act at Chisenhale Dance Studios

The Anatomy Theatres of Renaissance Europe were the horror movies of their day – full of blood, guts, morality and human drama. The public gawped in fear and fascination at the criminal cadaver being doubly punished before their eyes.  Furse takes this idea and runs with it, taking us on a journey of discovery to contemplate our bodies, dead or alive, as she segues from personal loss to the circulation of the blood, from Elizabeth 1 to Lady Gaga. This performance wants to make us think about the meaning of life, why we fear death, and invites us to spend a little time to reflect on our heart and souls – and assert exactly where our liver is.

This presentation at Chisenhale Dance Space is supported by Arts Council England 

An Anatomy Act is a Athletes of the Heart production co-produced by Live Collision for Chisenhale Dance with the support of Arts Council England. Commissioned originally by CAPP a transnational programme co-funded by Creative Europe Programme of the EU in collaboration with Athletes of the Heart and Live Collision. It is an Athletes of the Heart production with the Centre of the Body at Goldsmiths, University of London. 

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