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Anna Furse

Anna Furse has been working in the Department of Theatre and Performance for almost twenty years. She directs the MA in Performance Making and recently created the new BA in Comedy and Satire. She is Co-Director of The Centre of the Body, an interdisciplinary hub for investigating issues of the body. An award-winning professional theatre director and writer, she continues to make new works internationally with her company Athletes of the Heart

Dr Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim

Dr Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim's research has focused on the transmission of medical ideas along the Silk-Roads. Within this general scope, she has been working on the history of early Tibetan medicine, based primarily on manuscripts found in the Dunhuang caves.

Advisory Board

Monica Greco BA MA PhD

Monica Greco works at the intersections of social science, history, and philosophy of medicine and psychiatry. The focus of her research is on psychosomatic medicine, and on modes of thought and practice that seek to address the consequences of epistemic dualism in medical education, clinical practice, and beyond.

Lisa Blackman

Lisa Blackman works at the intersection of body studies, media psychology, and media and cultural theory. Her research focuses upon the broad areas of affect, subjectivity, the body and embodiment. She also has a keen interest in mental health research and activism and was one of the early pioneers of the Hearing Voices Movement. She has published six books across these areas and has developed modules in the department reflecting these interests.

Sophie Day MA PhD

Sophie Day studied at Cambridge University, Stanford University, Ca., and the London School of Economic and Political Sciences, where she completed a PhD on spirit possession in Ladakh, North India. She is Visiting Professor in the School of Public Health at Imperial College, London.

Research Associates

Portrait of Jorge Crecis

Jorge Crecis

Originally from Spain, Jorge is a PhD candidate, and his research focuses on performative presence and how to train it. He is also an award winning choreographer whose work has been performed in the main theatres around the world: The New York City Centre (USA), 798 District in Beijing (China) or Sadlers Wells and the Royal Opera House in London (UK).

Jorge's website

Photo of Chirine El Ansary performing to a crowd

Chirine El Ansary

Cairo born Storyteller Chirine El Ansary was raised between Egypt and France, she completed her MA at Goldsmiths where she is a PhD candidate, Department of Theatre and Performance. 'Performing in a dominated body' is the title of her Practice as Research, which draws from her experience as a One Thousand and One Nights performer.

Portrait of Maud Lannen

Maud Lannen

Maud Lannen is a French artist, movement researcher and practitioner. Her transdisciplinary practice is influenced by training in fine art, performance and somatics. She’s currently completing a practice-research PhD (Goldsmiths University) which explores the haptics of performance writing and remote, digitally enabled, dialogical processes. Maud is a published author. She has presented her research and collaborative work at numerous conferences and festivals both in the UK and internationally. 

Portrait of Susan Marshall

Susan Marshall

Susan Marshall is a British costume designer, design historian and lecturer based in Italy. Her PhD explores the pivotal role of scenographic costume in performance and the relationship between play, constraint and creativity in finding an approach to space, form and movement that overrides the constrictions imposed by the costumes. 

Dafne Louzioti

Dafne Louzioti

Dafne Louzioti is an interdisciplinary artist whose work stems from research and work with the body. She is pursuing a practice-led PhD focusing on Capoeira Angola, games and the power relationships in the performer-audience exchange, while also teaching in the Theatre & Performance department at Goldsmiths and at Mountview.


Elizabeth de Roza

Elizabeth de Roza

Elizabeth de Roza is a performance maker and an embodied researcher/practitioner based in Singapore. Her work draws from contemporary cross-cultural performance practices. She co-convenes the Embodied Research Working Group within IFTR and her PhD title is The Embodied Practitioner: Charting towards a contemporary cross-cultural in performance practice.