Short course: Mandarin Chinese - beginners

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This course will be available next academic term.

Course description

This 10-week Mandarin Chinese beginners course aims to provide students with a basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese and focuses on the acquisition of practical communicative skills.

All the beginners' Chinese classes will provide students with vocabulary and grammar which act as the foundation for Mandarin Chinese.

Upon successful completion of Mandarin Chinese Beginners III through the interactive lessons, you will be able to read and write approximately 200 Simplified Chinese characters and be able to hold simple conversations in Chinese.

  • Learn 200 Chinese characters
  • Learn how to hold simple conversations in Chinese
  • Learn the fundamentals of the language
  • Practice in a supportive environment

Classes level

Three different levels for Mandarin Chinese beginners classes are provided:  Beginners I, Beginner II and Beginners III.

For the first stage of Chinese Beginners (i.e. Chinese Beginners 1), no previous knowledge is required. To be able to join Beginners II or III, you should have completed Beginners I and II respectively at Confucius Institution Goldsmiths or have an equivalent knowledge.

You will need to have your level assessed. Assessment is a free and informal session with one of our Mandarin teachers. Please contact confucius ( to arrange an assessment.

Enquiries and support

If you have any questions about this course please contact confucius (

We are committed to providing reasonable teaching adjustments for students with disabilities that may impact their learning experience. If you require adjustments, please contact us at confucius ( so we can respond to your requests as soon as possible.